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Vapor Digital Dash

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Steamfrog, Oct 18, 2011.

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  2. They're extremely popular in the DR650 crowd, but I've heard there is slight delay between actual motor revs and the on screen tacho.
  3. I'm watching this - the instruments on the Spada were never meant for Australian conditions and have mostly fallen apart by now, but I've always been concerned about just how legal these things are (or how many hoops I'd have to jump through to prove it...)
  4. I fitted one on my old WR400. I put up with a fair amount of abuse and didn't let me down. They are easy to fit and relatively cheap as well.
  5. Yes, I fitted one on my DRZ 400, For the lights on the dash however I just used the stock lights from the original speedo. The only thing about installing the speed sensor is that you need to drill through your brake caliper. I just wedged mine in with a 50 cent coin, hasn't come out yet...

    The LED display is bright and easy to read but it only updates twice a second (I dont know if thats good or bad for digital speedos) but it makes the tacho less responsive.

    And they are street legal according to Mick Hone
  6. Your are right, They are most definitely street legal :)
    I bought one, and its going on my build currently. I bought the surround also. I wish there were 2 more warning lights though, would have been good, but i'll live with it. Ended up wiring indicators, neutral and oil pressure. Would have liked hi beam also, but cant fit it os meh.

    There is one flaw. The light on the dash does nto turn off when u turn ur bike off. It stays on for 5 mins. Not something I'd want to park at night in the cbd or something as it would attract some unwanted attention..i heard of some guys making like a flap cover for it or something....
    If I knew that I would have prob gotten something else, but there is nothing thats comparable to the vapor.
  7. Yeah that's a nuisance
  8. hold tight on that NK, I may be building all new instruments for mine soon. I will let you how it goes. If it works well and I like it I'll make some more :)