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Vanson Leathers "Bones" Motorcycle Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Matt GO!!!!!!!, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Time to get my next piece of gear..

    Im considering getting this jacket only trouble its all in america :(


    Just wondering........How difficult is it to get gear imported from USA since there are no dealers at all in Australia that i could find? Anyone had any bad/good experiences importing gear? Is postage and handling internationally a killer?

    Sorry about 20 questions!! Just any form of help is greatly appreciated. :roll:

  2. I have bought 2 jackets from the USA.
    Both times the postage was $50, but the initial savings still made it well worth while. Both jackets arrived 4 days after they were posted.
    No hassles on either occasion.
    If you like the jacket, buy it :)
  3. hahaha i love the jacket :LOL:

    regarding posting did you use a company that associated with the manufacturer? Or did 'Australia Post' to do it??

    Wow thanks on quick reply
  4. The sender chose the postal company, both times they used UPS, same as aussie post but the USA version, got a tracking number etc, I tracked the parcel online and it was on my door within 10 hours of touching down in OZ :)
  5. I've bought a bit of gear from US - I did it through ebay though. They get it here bloody quick, often quicker than stuff from within Oz. I never had a problem at all :]

    Shipping varied anywhere between US$40 - US$60 - but it always still worked out much cheaper than getting it here - for that stuff that was available here anyway!

    I think if your package is valued at over $1,000.00 then you've gotta pay customs tax or something.

    Happy shopping!

    Actually I quite like that jacket too.... hmmmmm..... :cool:
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  8. As these jackets are not imported, another problem for you will be in sizing. If you cant try on the same jacket here, you'll have to base your size on another brand. There all a bit different, so it is a risk!
  9. Matt if you can get down to Sydney you can try the same brand of jacket at Deus, this will give you and accurate size for your order assuming sizes are consistant. The one at Deus does not have the skeleton across the front which IMO will age better than the full skeleton.

    Oh the Starider one wlooks like a cheap knock off, not the vansons leather one which has a pretty good rep.

    How many of us have clothes we paid a fortune for and never wear??

    Anyways each to thier own. :grin:
  10. Is it a cheap knock off? or a realistically priced alternative?
    At nearly $1000 USD, plus shipping, plus customs duties and GST (because it is valued at over $1000 AUS), is this jacket really worth approximately $1400?

    How many people will pay $400 for a jacket and how many will pay $1400? The cost of manufacturing a jacket is very similar (labour + materials) which makes them the rip off merchant.

    Starider does not have the overheads of shops, hence the better more realistic prices. But the quality is not compromised.
  11. Cool jacket...you could use a texta to mark off which bones you've broken. :rofl:
  12. something i just came across:

    read more here
  13. Well I just went o the Deus site and it seems to have removed the Vanson jacket! Might be worth a call to them, they had them on sale for about $400 from memory, great value IMO.

    OH and I would never buy a cheapo leather jacket off the net. I got my A* Stunt jacket RRP of $900 for $550 because I waited untill the end of the season, they needed to move them to bring in fresh year's stock. Ya don't have to buy cheap to pay less.