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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by adprom, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Apologies if there is a similar thread, but what is it with vandalism and bikes? Let me explain. I was in the city last night and came across a bike that had been clearly knocked over by vandals (pretty sure 3 guys I saw knock over a street sign 2 mins before were the same ones). Anyways, I wasn't going to touch it, but as it was leaking oil, I picked it up for the owner. I have a photo of the number plate and bike on the ground.

    However, it got me thinking how many bikes you see knocked over in the city at night. It is insane. What I don't get is, people don't walk past cars and think, oh its a bit funny to key the side of that car. So why do they walk past a bike and think it would be funny to push the bike over. Do they not realise the magnitude of damage caused or is there some other reason, such as a dislike of bikes?

    As it is, some poor bastard will be returning to his pride and joy damaged because some meatheads decided it was a good idea. I need to go down a police station today and report it.

    Why do you think bikes are such a target? Because it is so easy?
  2. Actually they do.

    Street I used to live on was only one block away from a pub and those cars parked on the streets were regularly getting their paint keyed, mirrors smashed off, windows broken, etc. I even saw one car where someone had stood on the bonnet and taken a dump on the windscreen.

    Had there been bikes parked on that street I'm sure they would have been tipped over (or worse). I'm glad mine was safely tucked away out of view of the street.

    I think it's a combination of people being bored, people thinking it's funny, and people knowing the cops are next to f*&king useless at doing anything about it (because even if they do catch someone in the act the courts just let them off with a slap on the wrist).
  3. I have seen a limited edition bike parked in Elizabeth st for quite some now and it is always tucked in an alcove. I am amazed that no-one has pushed it over or damaged it as it is in an area that get's drunks and wankers in abundance on Friday and Saturday nights. I cringe when I see it parked in plain view as I would never leave my bike parked in the city at night.
    I have come out of a restaraunt at night to see some stupid girls sitting on my bike. I told them to get the fVck off and they got nasty and ranted on about how it wasn't a big deal. I think people who don't own bikes don't realise that all you need to do is drop it on it's side and a multitude of things can break and you left forking out hefty $$.
  4. If your bike lives on the street, sooner or later it will get f'ed with sooner or later. That's one of the reasons why I ride rats, don't give a stuff about the cosmetics and carry fully comp insurance.
  5. People are shit heads, bikes need say...flame thrower defence systems built in as standard.
  6. hahahahahahaheheheehohohoehehehahahahahahahha

    EDIT: I find the commitment to the prank much more hilarious than the prank itself. Also it wasn't my car so idgaf
  7. the teachings of our lord and saviour Zoran, would suggest you light these mortals on fire and throw them of a cliff.
  8. You need 25 bona fide members to start a Religion, Then your away,
    Totally Tax free,
  9. i'd join. but the leader would have to be seriously awesome...
  10. Lets start a thread about this - I'm down to put Motorcycling as my religion next census. Will I get tax breaks on tyres/chains/petrol/rego/gear? I need these things to practise my religion :D
  11. I dunno. An alcove in in plain view is probably a good thing. If I'm parking on the footpath, especially it its at night, I'm looking for somewhere well lit and in line with some sort of permanent obstacle that doesn't totally obscure the bike - (tree, bins, phone booth, light/power pole, anything that they will have to walk around.... It it's taller than the bike, that helps too.) In view of where ever I'm going to be is a bonus.

    If a drunk prick comes along, and the bike is in their way, they're more likely to push it. If they're already forced to walk around, because there's a tree right there. They're less likely to give it the heave-ho. If its an alcove and still in plain view, that'd be perfect.