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Van Halen!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pete the freak, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. So Van Halen have reformed with their original lead singer David Lee Roth (but without original bassist Michael Anthony - the bass duties will be taken over by Eddies' 16yo son Wolfgang), and I have managed to find their US tour dates on the web.

    Now, I vaguely remember seeing an ad on the tele recently for an Australian tour, but for the life of me I can't find any info on the web. I've been to ticketek, ticketmaster, van-halen.com, Chugg Ent. and Andrew McManus Presents with no luck...

    Anyone know where I can find info about a possible Van Halen tour in Aus soon???

    Most meaningful song lyric ever:
  2. Hey pete,

    Don't know about tour dates for Van Halen, but i will be there when i find out more info. Have you seen the original film clip to "dreams"? Omg. The one where the film The american areobatic team the "blue angels" going through there paces with A-4 sky hawks. fcuking amazing! If anyone has seen that on you-tube, paste the link in here please! :grin:

    How is the drum solo at the start of "hot for Teacher"? How cool is that? That blows my mind every time i here it? I will never get tired of listening to that! love it! :cool:

    About the lyric from van halen. Yeah "why can't this be love" is a cool song. I know alot of other meaningful lyrics from other bands, but want to keep this a van halen topic. Listening to Greatest hits at the moment. Will try and think of another V.H one! :music: :cool:
  3. I've been to the edge,
    and there i stood and looked down,
    you know I've lost a lot of friends there baby.
    I've got no time to mess around.
  4. You are a dead set fcuking legend chef. :cool: That has made my day. It's been 10 plus years since i have seen that. fcuking brillant! :grin: I can't get over how close they fly to the ground at speed. :

    So baby dry your eyes
    save all the tears you've cried
    oh that's what dreams are made of
    cause we belong in a world that must be strong
    oh that's what dreams are made of.

    hold on, i'm holding on
    baby, just come on , come on, come on
    i just wanna hear you say

    i can't stop loving you,
    no matter what you say or do
    you know my heart is true
    oh, i can't stop loving you.

    And when it's over
    i know how it's gonna be
    and true love will never die or not fade away

    How do i know when it's love?
    I can't tell you but it lasts forever
    How does it feel when it's love?
    It's just something you feel together.
  5. Aerial surgeons, hell yeah!

  6. VAN HALEN ROX0RZ!!!!!!

    I f*cken LOVE that band!
  7. Alot of people here in the States are betting the VH tour won't make it past the first 5 shows before Diamond Dave is a solo gig again. I love their music and Roths solo stuff, but he is a total ass to work with.
  8. It'd be apreciated if you could let us if the shit hits the fan over there Yank, there's a few people over here in Aus who are pretty excited about the possibility of the VH boys coming down under...
  9. Gotta agree one of the most sensational bands to ever be and can't wait to find out if they really r coming to our home land, VH lets rock Aus :beer: