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Valves and carbie tune help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by port80, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. Dear Uncle Netrider,

    My bike is running like shit. I'm talking 3rd gear 4 seconds from 100 to 120* kind of shit.

    The oil and oil filter are fresh. Plugs are 10,000kms old but still look okay. Air filter (K&N) has just been cleaned. I've just ran some carbie cleaner through with some 95 RON (usually run BP / Mobil 98).

    The bike had a jet kit fitted a year ago and was tuned by a pro, it ran well. The valves were checked at 24k. The mech said that on the F3 cbr600's if the valves are in spec at 24k they don't need checking again. The bike is on 70k now, I think they might need be looked at.

    So Uncle Netrider I was wondering if you could please help me with carbie tuning and cleaning and lend a hand doing the valves one saturday?

    Many thanks,


    *Private circuit tested
  2. Yay, spanner day.

    Haven't got a clue what you are talking about but I am always ready to come around and give "helpful" suggestions.

    How big a hammer do you want me to bring.
  3. If there is a spanner day at your place again then let me know. :wink:
  4. Hahah, yeah yeah guys I haven't held a spanner day at the new house I know. I'm more than happy to do so.

    I'm in desperate need of somebody that help me get the thing in tune (assuming it is a tuning problem). The jets may or may not need to be changed as with the needle heights.

    Normally I'd have a crack at it myself, but now I'm on my own it's my only transport to and from work. So I can't afford to fcuk it up.
  5. Take it to a pro and get a major service 50,000 odd ks is too long to go with out a good going over.My last major including valves.brake flush new coolant,plugs carby set up was under 500 .So splash out :wink:
  6. Normally I wouldn't hesitate. But there's $2000 to be spent on this bike to keep it going. I don't have that money to spend, and it's hard to justify it on a 12yo bike with 70,000kms on it.
  7. As a suggestion b4 thinking its the valves, try checking that the carbs are synchronised and the fuel filter is clean and not blocked.

    Just to back up your mechanic had my valve clearances checked on 2000 R1 (factory spec at 45,000 kms) and they were spot one, my mech told me the same thing dont bother to check them again. Motor has done over 110k now.

    Good luck :)
  8. Thanks for the input Smoky. Fuel filter is only 10,000kms old. Valves won't be too expensive to do (can do myself), but the carbies I don't have the know how for.
  9. If the valves need doing why not do them and see how that affects things. All the separate issues contributing to lack of tune are likely to be cumulative and it may help things.

    In my destruction manual it says don't even bother trying to sync the carbs until everything else is spot on. So prolly worth doing first anyway.

    If you need to sync carbs does your bike need a 4 dial vaccuum guague or can you use a two dial to sync each side and then sync the sides together using one cyl from each side. Reason I ask is I have made myself a two tube manometer for the Bimmer that you can play with if you want.