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Valve / tappet adjusting tools

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cuvy, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    Can anyone suggest a local place to buy tappet adjusting tools? I'm after a set similar to these:

    http://www.bikebandit.com/partsband...~2248248~dept_id~2248248~selection_path~2.asp (or http://tinyurl.com/fwgsu )



    But hoping to either get them from a local supplier for not too much more.

  2. Are you sure you need it? Or is it you just want it?

    I imagine the srx engine is a screw adjust cam follower, so you just lossen the lock nut, adjust the "square" bolt with a pair of pliers, then tighten the lock nut.
  3. Uhh, yep, I'm sure. Trust me, i've spent enough time mucking around with small shifters to be quite sure!

    It's a 4mm square bolt, which is fiddly to get to with pliers or a small shifting spanner.

    It's also quite difficult to tighten the bolt without messing with the clearance, which leads to lots of wasted time, since you've got to tighten, remeasure, adjust again, tighten, remeasure, adjust again and so on!

  4. Yep know what you mean. It does need a gut feeling in terms of feeler gauge tighness and a bit of trial and error.

    I was just checking you weren't just buying it because you thought you "needed" it.

    And no I have never seen one, but MCAS is alway a good point to start looking for something like that. The parramatta store has a fair bit of nosepicker stuff
  5. After doing a bit of a search .. this is the only mob I could find "online" ...


    They're down here .. in the outer eastern suburbs of Melb, but you can buy online .. is a different setup to the "wrenches" shown in your examples .. but achieves the same purpose. They say 1/8"sq which is 3.175mm, rather than 4mm :? .. and it fits Yammys and Hondas .. could be worth tossing them an email anyways.

  6. I know that Kawasaki make a tool for adjusting the ZZR250s about $60-$80 I think.
    So a dealer for your manufacturer would be a good place to ask.

    I made one though. Used one of those tube spanners so you feed a screwdriver down the middle.
    Used an old car battery terminal around it with a broken screwdriver as the handle. :grin:

    I works, though its ultra tightass :LOL:


    The oe in the post above looks alright, for $27 buy that :grin:
  7. how about rather than buying the tool as shown

    Try a 1/4" drive T-Bar fitted with either a 5 5.5 or 6 mm mutifaceted socket you know the cheap nasty sets and a Ring spanner over the nut

    Worked for me for the last 25 years
  8. Home made tools give you a certain satisfaction!

    I'd say the $27 autotools one is for 3mm square tappets, where as mine's a 4mm square tappet. Emailing them to check, anyway. MCAS has a Motion Pro set which might be the same as the bikebandit one listed above, for about $90. Again, emailing for more details.

    Thanks for the suggestions jmuzz, ibast and birdrock.

  9. Well done jmuzz :applause:
    As they say .. necessity is the mother of invention!!! :grin:
    Nuffin' a little bit of ingenuity won't fixe eh? :LOL:
    If ya ain't got it... and ya can't afford one ... make one out of whatever ya got lying around .. and [-o< it works ... ("one" = whatever it is ya just gotta have to get the job done)