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Valve Shim Swap

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by dajoker, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Anyone want to do a shim swap, or have any 7.48mm wide shims they have lying around they want to part with in the sizes I need?

    I have:

    2 x 1.78mm
    2 x 1.75mm
    1 x 1.72mm
    1 x 1.82mm
    2 x 1.80mm
    3 x 1.48mm
    3 x 1.50mm
    3 x 1.52mm
    5 x 1.50mm
    1 x 1.48 mm
    1 x 1.42mm

    What I need is:

    1 x 1.68mm
    2 x 1.69mm
    1 x 1.63mm
    1 x 1.64mm
    1 x 1.59mm
    2 x 1.67mm

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  2. Thanks, the problem with that is they are in 0.05mm increments. When you have a total tolerance of 0.09mm I'm risking being very close to the limit on either end. I don't know why there are so many around like that, honestly they should be 0.02mm increments at most.

    So unfortunately not going to help me. I've contacted precision shims and they can but it's going to cost me a yellow bill to get what I need. Hence why if someone wants to swap it would be so much better and cost effective haha
  3. better to be close to the tolerance at the higher end.....valve seat recession will close the gap over time
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  4. The 0.05mm shims will get you where you need to be. It's better to aim for the larger end of the allowed tolerance anyway because the clearances tend to tighten up, not loosen, with valve and seat wear.

    Edit: mike8863mike8863 beat me to the punch.

    If the 0.05mm option's not going to sit right with you, many OEM shims are available in 0.020 or 0.025 increments, you just have to suck up the increased price. Dealer or Precision Shims are about your only hopes, unless you can find a friendly bike mechanic who has the shims and is prepared to work with you.

    Sorry, can't help with a swap, mine takes 9.48mm shims otherwise I could help more.

    Good luck.
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    Give Chris Bullen a call .
    Precision Shims Australia
    4 Fay Crt Croydon
    9723 0199

    my bad sorry didn't notice gunissangunissan had already posted the link.
    will have a look in the shed tonight,may have some of the sizes you are after.
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  7. Yeh I started with the guys at 2fiftycc.com but so far no dice. I'm just getting the word around. I happened to pull apart my other engine (a 250 bandit) and the shims are the same width but would you believe it, all too thin!!

    So if someone has an old engine lying around (likely a japanese 250) and the shims are still in it....

    I have already got a quote from precision shims, just seeing if there's someone around building an engine who may want to swap before I spend up, the valve cover gasket for this thing is also around the $50 mark so trying to mitigate the layout for such an oldie haha

    And yep thanks for the advice. I'm targeting the looser end of the spectrum but I don't want to be right on the border so with a clearance of 0.11 - 0.20 I'm looking at the 0.16-0.18 mark.