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Valve Shim Kits...where to buy in Australia....?????

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Major_Max, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    does anyone know where to purchase aftermarket or even genuine Valve Shim Kits suitable for motorcycles here in Australia other than at motorcycle dealerships......????


  2. Either Just Bikes or Motorcycle Trader - in their Feb 08 issues - has an ad from a manufacturer in aus. They claim they will shim-shim sheree just about anything.


    Trevor G

    PS If you don't want to buy a copy ask again and I will find the link.
  3. Just get friendly with your local dealer. No need to buy a whole kit. I swap shims for free at my local dealer. They just point me in the direction of the workshop & leave me to it :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    PS If it's a Honda you're working on, worst case scenario is I think a $12 fee whether you need one or 16 shims. On a swap basis mind you
  4. Thanks for the replies guys...... :)

    if you could find that link Trevor.... it would be greatly appreciated....haven't had a chance to get a copy of these mags....

    One of the reasons I wanted a kit was so I had shims on hand and could replace each shim if necessary as I removed it. Otherwise to remove the shims necessary for replacement and swap at the retailer I would have to turn the motor over without shims in some of the follower buckets.....Im not keen on having to drive 35Km to the nearest bike shop to replace one shim at a time....I know I have at least 2 shims to replace this service.....What do you do NoSHow.....if you have to swap out more than one shim....??? Is it a problem turning the motor over gently without shims in the buckets....???

    By the way my bikes a 2002 Model Yamaha XJ900S Diversion.....

    Any comments appreciated.... :)


  5. Measure you clearances, pull the ones you need too and work out the new ones you need, then get someone to give you a lift.
  6. ..thanks for your input iblast, but getting to the bike shop isn't really my problem...I've got a cage as well as the bike.....the issue is that when I pull the shims that need replacing there are no shims in those buckets...and if I need to get to any others....(failing taking the cam shafts off....which is what I want to avoid and why I spent $43.00 on a shim replacement tool....)...then I may have to turn the motor over to get to them....having a few spare shims (probably the smallest avaialble) on standby would eleviate having to turn the motor over without shims while you juggle the shims about....and allow you to make one trip to the bikeshop to swap over the shims you need......Cheers Max :)......perhaps theres a really simple solution to this but Im not seeing it ...lol....but I suspect that turning the cams over without shims is unlikely to cause any issues anyway...Im sure Ive done it before on an old XJ650 before without incident....
  7. Ahaa -I see your problem. On one of my Honda's you have to remove the cams to replace the shims so that is not a problem for me. Gotta love gear driven cams :LOL: :LOL: No chains to piss fart around with. The other has follower arms instead of buckets that you just slide to one side to get the shims out -they are spring loaded so no tools required. Quite an ingenious setup really. My understanding is that it greatly reduces friction in comparison to a bucket setup. But we're just getting side tracked :) Without looking at your engine I can't really say whether any damage would occur turning the engine over without shims. At a guess, as long as the outer edges of the lobes don't catch on the reccess that the shims sit in, you should be okay to turn it over. Maybe have a chat to your Yamaha dealers mechanics. I've usually found them pretty helpful :)
  8. I have a contact who does shim kits, I'll see if I can did out his number
  9. ...thanks Ian that would be appreciated...I ran a ground with my last attempt to find a supplier of shim kits for Yamaha's here in Australia...I get the impression they are readily available overseas......Ive broached the idea of buying shims from Yamaha dealers in the past and met with some nearly hostile reactions...I suspect they had problems getting them too....lol......

    ....Im not a great fan of having to remove cams unless I really have to...I feel they are better off left as they are until something major needs doing like a cam chain or headgasket etc etc....the gear driven cam sound like a good idea No show...but the XJ system is quite simple and very reliable...just feel yamaha should make shims a little more readily available for a bike which is reasonably simple and cheap for most owners to service themselves.

    Thanks again for your help guys.... :)


  10. There is an ad in the latest Two Wheels for Precision Shims Australia they sell individual shims from $5.50 and have kits avaliable.
    www.precisionshims.com.au 03 9723 0199
  11. yeah, thats the guy. Good fast service.
  12. thanks very much guys.... :) ....I'll give em a call and see what they can do.....


  13. ....hi everyone just updating....turning the motor of an XJ900S Diversion without a shim in the follower in order to juggle shims during a valve clearance service, is a no go.... :cry: .......the cam lobes get caught on the edge of the follower as it comes out...it goes in OK because of the taper on the outside edge of the follower.......not recommended...although easily rectified with the right tool and small metal spacers or washers.....really need a spare shim or shims on hand for this procedure..... :)


  14. Having just bought an 2001 900 Diversion. The info above will come in handy in the near future. Yep the pic is a VFR800fi and it was my second one. But past injuries demand something more accommodating.