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Valve clearance question GS500

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Pasito king, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. hi all
    im soon to do a valve clearence check and adjustment on my 05 gs500 they are meant to come in between 0.8 - 0.3 mm should i make them all end up at 0.5 ish or only adjust at the tollerences.
    plus any tips you could give me in relation to this

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  2. General for all bikes: Exhaust should be different to inlet. If they are screw and nut, adjust them to sit on the loose side of the tollerance window.

    If they are shim, then leave them until they get to the edge of the window.

    The GS500 is shim, so just leave them until they almost outside of tollerance.
  3. exhaust is the same as intake
    im on 0.03mm intake and 0.1mm exhaust tossing up buyint the tool or getting a torque wrench
  4. i got the tollerance wrong in the first post 0.08 - 0.03
    and i cant figure out how to edit
  5. Get the torque wrench, you'll use it for the rest of your life. The tool will only be good for this engine.

    make sure you wire the cam chain to the sprocket and tension it so it can't slip off the bottom sprocket.
  6. thanks for that i wouldn't of thought of that
    the tool is apparently good for most Suzuki and Yamaha shims but i know what what you mean