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Valuing my bike: How should i do it? 1988 NC24 VFR400R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ad91on, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Large reserves on eBay are a waste of time
  2. why you selling mate? Agree with vert. As a buyer I would want to know your target not throw some darts out into the dark and try to hit it.
  3. Not selling, just curious as to it's value (with the view of selling within the next few months).

    I really want a drz400sm or similar...

    I figured the market would price it for me if you know what i mean.
  4. Pretty sure I'd be unhappy as a buyer if I'd spent money on a revs check or taken the time to inspect, only to find you weren't actually trying to sell...

    Completed listings for 400 sportsbikes would give you an indication, though from a quick search it shows what people aren't paying rather than what the bikes sell for.
  5. Putting it up for sale with a large reserve will never find it's true value. There are a lot of dreamers on eBay asking too much for their bikes, generally when I am looking I don't bother with the ones that don't have a buy it now as well. A buy it now will tell me what the reserve is approx. If the BIN is 10k the reserve is probably 9k.

    I actually saw your bike. Don't take offense as I am not calling you names, but when I saw it (i had been trawling ebay earlier and saw it) I thought "what a wanker putting won't see another bet he is asking $10k for the thing as reserve" ok the bike is rare but that's really a bad thing for a learner bike and it just makes you sound like you over value your bike and your reserve will be unreasonable.

    My prediction is that it will get to $4k which is not what you are hoping for I am sure. The ad and reserve will put people off. In todays market i reakon it is worth 5-6k. Best way to get the best price is no reserve but it is risky as well.

    Had another look at the ad. The pics look bad because you still have your gear all over it and there is only 4 and there isn't even any from one side.

    Just another note someone said that it wastes people's time to get REVs, what I do is ask the seller to confirm that it is not encumbered or a write off. If I win then I check and if they have lied then I tell them to go jump. If they lie they breach the contract so they cannot sue you anyway. Make sure you get it in writing by using the "ask a question" button.
  6. I wouldn't pay more than $4000 for an NC24. A good NC30 maybe $5000 or NC35 for $7000.

    In saying that, I can buy an NC30 from the UK for AUS$1500, pay shipping, taxes, RWC etc and it will still be cheaper than buying an NC30 locally. This is in good nick too but obviously a high risk purchase.
  7. Irritating isn't it.
  8. Yeah pretty irritating...had to buy spare parts from the UK for the NC30 at 60% saving, even after shipping. Saved 50% on the front wheel alone! (second hand of course)
  9. pretty rich calling a CBR250RR clapped out when your bike is pretty much of the same era and was probably as poorly maintained over the last 20 years as the majority of CBR250RR's.
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  10. You're missing the point bro...

    It's NOT a CBR250RR.
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  11. I don't think anyone's missed the point.
  12. hmm you missed out a good NC 23 mate
  13. Put it up for sale. It's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it ;)

    If it's for insurance purposes, you can put whatever value you & the insurer agree on, unless you go with market value, in which case they will use Redbook figures, which tend to be... inaccurate. At best.
  14. crash damage right hand side?
  15. Which one? I haven't been looking at a bike, just saying the market value for the NCs are rather high priced down under.
  16. I was on about mine :) which incidently will be going broadford in the next few weeks for its maiden voyage!!!
  17. I want to race mine!
  18. Oh yeah my bad haha. For some reason I read NC24...good to see you are out on the track with it :D. Shame I won't be though...can't be racing against you :(
  19. did you ever find that electrical gremlin?