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Value for Money?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by EnigmaOMC, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Honda VTR250
    2001 model
    14,500 K’s
    Black with gold wheels
    Always garaged
    Rego till July 2010
    Oggy knobs

    Note: It’s been dropped once by previous owner (got knocked off it by a van) but damage was minimal and had it serviced straight away. It’s got scratches on the brake leaver, exhaust and headlight but only cosmetic.


    Can i get people's opinion if this seems like a reasonable buy?
  2. got pics of the damage?
  3. Imposable to tell without looking at it.
    For all we know its been red lined at every gear change and only ever had 1 service and the chain and tires are stuffed.
  4. got receipts for all the services done to it (been done according to the manual) and damage i will only see on Tuesday.
  5. Yes, I'd say its a bit much - but its all about what people are prepared to pay.
  6. Hm price seems average (it's LAMs = inflated and VTR = more desirable lams).
    It's pre-2003 so no tacho, and older lettering but apart from that not much diff.
    You know the spada? Older, uglier, but more HP and 6-speed gearbox ...
    One thing I do recommend - look for one with aftermarket pipe, sounds much better and more likely to keep you entertained for longer unless your a shitwhore lol

    Also 2wheels, I think redlining on every gear change and only one service/14,000 km - vtr would survive pretty well :]
  7. I fixed that one up for you :LOL:

    As for the Monster alternative, They are a good bike, I don't think I'd mention one in the same breath as a vtr250 in regards to trouble free, low cost maintenance for the beginner rider, they are more an enthusiast's choice. In my experience although possessing much more torque than the vtr250 they are barely any faster, certainly not as much quicker as the capacity would suggest. I also think the VTR has better resale value and a larger secondhand market.

    While the original vtr250 in this post may have been dropped, it's fair to say many have, they are a learner bike. If the odometer is correct and it has had the bare minimum of maintenance you can almost place money on it lasting many trouble free kms mechanically.

    For $4700 i'd be trying to get a later model with a tacho.
  8. Another VTR250

    I took one of these for a ride today - am a learner, possibly entering mid-life crisis, but am passing it off as transport since we are a 1 car family! 2005 model with ~14,000 kms. Has been dropped before (minor it seems) and repaired at the local Honda dealerhip (a salesman there even remembered it). Ventura rack. Looks good - hard to fault. I'm not a bike mechanic, but it sounded very smooth, gears changed well, and the power surprised me (first ride on a VTR250).

    Looks like will sell for $5k. Opinions and thoughts?

    Was going to look at another tomorrow - a 2003 (no tacho) and with fewer k's. Asking $4.4k (probably go lower I'd say).

    As an aside...what's with Red Book values? Seems to me that most bike sellers I see here in Canberra are asking way more than Red Book values...then maybe it's just Canberra.

    Anyway...not lots of riding experience here - but I LOVED the VTR250!
  9. "EnigmaOMC"

    If it seems expensive, why not just have a mysterious prospect beat up the owner and steal it for free?
  10. Yes I'm sure they would (just dont sell it to me) but my point was Km & age etc is no indication of condition and value especially prior to the bike being looked at :LOL:
    Carry on...........
  11. offer them $2.5k. if they say no. go somewhere else.
  12. Yeah that price does seem a bit steep for a VTR250 considering it's age and kms.

    I was only thinking that I'd be selling mine for 6k with new tires and recent service at 12,000km... it's a 2007 model - last of the carbies.

    A lot of the older vtr250 prices are heavily inflated esp. on bike sales.

    *edit* Oh and now it has damage... a bit steep became a ripoff... don't do it.
  13. Re: Another VTR250

    If Redbook quote their prices from the change of ownership details from road authorities then I suspect people would be writing in a lower sale value than what actually happened in order to save some duty/tax. That would explain the lower quoted prices in Redbook.

    New bike prices have gone up so the second hand market will rise with it. That's how it appears to me that it has gone.