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Value for money? (what bike to get)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by massari, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Im pretty keen on getting my first bike, however I am havnig trouble determining what bike to get, based on what is good value for money.

    I have found a gs500 for 5000$ which has traveled 1.5k, 2009 model. Very good value. Never dropped etc.

    Goes down to a 2005 gs500, 17000 km (wel looked after) for 4000$. if this bike was 3500 I would buy it straight away...

    Then cb250, 2001 model. Traveled 50000 km and has dings (and aluminium corrosion I guess from being left out side) for 2000$.

    All come with 6 months rego and rwc.. I am in no rush to buy but are these good value bikes? I am pretty tempted to just go the 5000$ GS500, but kinda wish I could get the 2005 version for 3500. What are realistic prices for these bikes?
  2. Stop thinking of motorcycling as a "value for money" proposition.
    Assuming you have the cash in your pocket, which one lit your fire the most?
  3. Don't buy the Honda. Either of the GSs seem reasonable.

    As NK implied, the initial purchase will be the least of your financial worries :D.
  4. haha yea. I am more eager for the GS500 while i am on my learners (and beyond maybe?)

    I guess I will stick to my budget and wait till something comes up. :D
  5. Get the GS, can last you even after your L's if you wanted it too
  6. ^ wot 'e said, gov

    I know plenty of people who've been off restrictions for some time who are still totally satisfied with their GS500s
  7. Retail sucks big ones at the moment. An astute buyer wont give a toss what the asking price is "hint hint"
    A 17,000km bike that has been loved well can be a better buy than a bike with no K's that has been sitting untouched for three years.
    The GS is a good trusty steed. Pretty hard to kill and will go way beyong it's life span.
    Another oldy but a goody is the Kawasaki Zepther. 500cc inline 4. They get up and go and look pretty good for a small bike.
  8. You mean a Zephyr 550?
    They can get up and go but have nothing down low. You get used to that.
    Can be a bit spongy and dive a bit too much in the front end but progressive fork springs totally change that. Also tend to oxidise a bit and sometimes need a bit of work to get that zing back - I'm still working on that with mine.
  9. 3,500 cash or walk
  10. This.