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Valentio Rossi best ever?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. How would you like to be waking up in Sete Gibernau's skin this morning? You ride your bum off for 20-odd laps with Rossi sitting behind you, knowing that at at any time he can and will pass you and waltz off into the distance. And, of course, he does just that, and in front of YOUR fans just to add insult to injury.
    I know comparisons are never valid because to the variables involved, but the boy must surely be getting to the stage of being the best motorcycle racer ever, irrespective of category, capacity or brand? Agostini might have ridden many different classes in the same day, Spencer won two titles in the same year, but I doubt racing has been more competitive (it's certainly never been more technical or expensive) than it is today and he makes it look like an afternoon hobby. His dear old dad must be so proud.

  2. I am fascinated by the MotoGP. In relation to Sete Gibernau, I think the look in his eyes at the post race interview was very telling. In the last few races he has had Valentino Rossi virtually breathing down his neck in the last four or five laps, knowing exactly what is about to happen. The pressure must be incredible. Especially at a home GP.
  3. Rossi is not just the best motorcycle racer of all time, not only the best tactician, not only the safest, fastest and most talented, he is also the best psychologist EVER.
    He has set out this year to systematically destroy Gibenau's confidence and, you are so right, the look in Gibenau's eyes at the end of the race said it all. Rossi has annihalated him.
    It's not pretty and it makes the racing predictable, but what can anyone do??
    If Melandri keeps on improving the way that he is at the moment, Rossi will turn his attention to him and the mind games will start there too.
  4. Yeah,id suck to get paid $10 million a year to race the greatest motorbike in the world and only ever get beaten by yourself or the greatest rider to ever swing a leg over a bike, and wake up next to his supermodel girlfriend. Hes got a case of the sads, but i think in hindsight he wont be too dissapointed with his life, or racing results.
  5. Normally, I watch the free to air coverage, but this time I was invited to watch Foxtel with a friend. It was interesting to see just that little bit more of what goes on behind the scenes. I remember reading an article in AMCN regarding the rituals that racers go through, some of the things that VR gets up to as a part of a routine system of checks. I'd seen the pictures of the hamstring stretches, but on Foxtel I noticed the checking of the knee sliders, zips etc on the way back up, all in one smooth manoeuvre, puts it all into context. He certainly has it down to a fine art and its a pleasure to watch. Come to think of it I'm still digesting what I was witnessing. :)
  6. You're right, Cowboy, there are always compensations, but, in the end he's a professional road racer and winning is what it's about, everything else is secondary. And, at the moment at least, he can't and it must be eating him up.
  7. Doohan would have beaten him, nuff said.............
  8. Sorry, Rat, I have to disagree. Even Mighty Mick himself has admitted that Rossi is something a bit more special even than he was. It is a shame they never got to meet on the track, but, nationalism aside, I still think VR is a more talented rider than Mick.
  9. Rossi proved beyond doubt that he is the master when he went to yamaha and won the world title in his first year there.
    No matter which team he goes to with maybe the exception of proton he would make it a winning team.
    The guy is pure genius and watching him take corners so smoothly is a pleasure to watch.
  10. Agree . However much i think of Doohan , Rossi has taken it that much further by his switch to yamaha and winning in the first year.
  11. Rossi is the best ever. He demands more of his bike in clutch situations, and still manages to keep it upright. Most of the Hondas have superior straight line speed, but Vale's ability to push close to the absolute limit of the bike is a rare talent. The bikes these guys are riding are absolute monsters, so physical fitness is important, but mentally, Vale is so far ahead of other riders it's not funny. However, i think his success is in part owed to his team who have worked with him for so long.

    Given there is not a lot between the bikes anymore, a superior rider makes all the differnece. This is what I love about bike racing - the rider is 80% of the equation, not like car racing where they are maybe 20%.
  12. Rossi v Doohan at the height of his powers would have been a fascinating contest.

    Putting aside the question of whose talent as a rider is greater, I think Valentino would have found Mick a much tougher nut to crack psychologically than anyone he's come up against so far.

    Who's the better rider? I don't think there's any point in speculating. They're each so special a talent that I'm happy to celebrate both of 'em.
  13. I think some credit has also got to be given to doohens/rossi's mechanics that went across to yamaha. IMHO I think they may also have had something to do with the success of the yamaha. Not taking anything from rossi riding capabillities.
  14. Gromit and Helina, you are both absoultely right...as for psychological warfare, who do you think Rossi learned it from??? Mighty Mick, of course. Look at what he did to Alex Criville and look at what VR is doing to Gibernau now, it's just the same!!!
    And, as for those who have contributed to VR's success, of course his crew (notably Jeremy Burgess) are so important. It's not without co-incidence that JB was pit chief for Gardner, Doohan, and Rossi.
    Remember, when VR went to Yamaha, one of the conditions of his contract was that he could bring his crew with him!!!
  15. How about Eddie Lawson?

    He did the same thing switching from Yamaha to Honda, much to Mr Gardner's annoyance...
  16. You would have to rate mr V. Rossi as the best from the modern era. He has the complete package. His natural ability reminds me of Eddie Lawson. His physological warfare on his opponents reminds me of Mick Doohan. I don't see him having any weaknesses at all?

    It is very hard to compare to the older generation such as Agostini and Hailwood due to the massive advanyages one would get from a minor jump in technology.

    I would love to see Lawson, Doohan and Rossi have a race on identical mid nineties NSR500's at Assen to see who was really the best. :twisted:

    I can only dream of this though. :?
  17. Anybody else waiting for the racer that can beat Rossi? And I really mean BEAT Rossi, as in slap him all round the world's tracks. The rider that can do that will be a walking force of nature.

    I think Rossi is a great rider, the best of the modern era racers that I've seen, and I love his antics post race. On the flip side of that, contemplating someone so skilled that they take the fight right up to Rossi and take him out is something else to ponder.

    Can you just imagine for a second how good that man will have to be? I seriously want to see someone of that calibre before Vale retires, that would be some amazing racing.
  18. Yep, Gibernau's seems to be the only one (again) who can even get 'close' to him and if it wasn't for Rossi he'd be in a class of his own.

    Melandri, Barros, Max and Hayden make up the also-ran's.
  19. If you are going to talk about the best motorcycle racer of all time, it starts and stops at Joey Dunlop. There is something about road racing that requires a little more testicular fortitude in my opinion. That said, there is no denying that Rossi is bloody good at what he does.
  20. So, I thik we are all substantially in agreement.

    Who, then, do we think might be that "next best thing" who can get into Motogp soon enough to race against VR and beat him fair and sqaure?