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Valentino Rossi completes test at Misano

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by undii, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Thought I'd put this in. Since his crash, MotoGP has become WAAAY one sided due to FIAT Yamaha bike vs the others really. Anyway:

    Fiat Yamaha Team rider Valentino Rossi today rode a motorcycle for the first time since breaking his right leg at Mugello on 5th June.


    Rossi rode a total of 26 laps at Misano on a YZF-R1 WSB machine, provided by the Yamaha World Superbike Team, and recorded a best time of 1'38.200. Rossi did an initial run of 11 laps at 18.30 CET with a best time of 1'41.000, then a second run of 15 laps at 19.45 CET with a best time of 1'38.200 (unofficial times).

    The reigning World Champion was able to ride well but he had some pain in his leg and his shoulder. He will now continue with an updated rehabilitation programme and make a decision within the next week as to whether he will ride at the German Grand Prix at Sachsenring, in ten days time.

    "We made this test in order to understand how we must work from here and to see more or less how I can ride the bike," said Rossi. "The test was positive, because I can at least ride, but there is a lot more to a MotoGP race than to a test like this one. I had some pain in the ankle, the knee and the shoulder, but above all I lacked strength in the shoulder and a bit of movement in the ankle. I would really like to come back at Sachsenring, but it is still too early to say. We still have twelve days and we must wait and see how much we can improve my condition in the next few days. The Superbike today was good and great fun to ride! I really would like to ride at Sachsenring, but we must wait another week before making a decision."

    Full article (just more pics and links) http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2010/valentino+rossi+completes+succesful+misano+outing
  2. Geeze. Is that good to be riding hard after such an incident? Guy must balls of steel!
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  4. I know athletes get the big bucks because they're committed to their sport but it's still mighty impressive to watch him do it!!!!
  5. Waving his leg around like there's nothing wrong with it...HEY, maybe they've just given him a BIONIC leg!!!
  6. they dont hold back on the best and most costly medical care for a top paid sportsman
  7. Damn right balls of steel! Takes a lot of mental strength to come back from injury and it's great to see him back on the bike.

    Like Moto said, it's amazing how far sports medicine/science has come over the years and I'm sure he's been treated by the best of the best
  8. It's great to see the timeframe he has come back in, and it appears he was only 4 seconds off his (best? typical) time at Misano on a MotoGP (qualifying) lap... He is a god as it really hasn't been seen Rossi and his 'reaction' to a big injury I think.

    I bet if Lorenzo was the one with the injury instead of Rossi, he wouldn't have the strength (or the ultimate skill) to ride like Rossi did at Misano recently! *claps for Rossi* Awesome effort :)
  9. i can't wait to see how he handles it all when in the face of battle, sure up until now he has been the master in battle, but really he has never had a serious off that has resulted in injury so i would imagine it's easy to think you are bulletproof......now he knows he isn't, will that effect him, dunno but can't wait too see how great the man really is =D>

    Also really hope he stays in the same team as Lorenzo, it's great watching 2 blokes battle it out without the machinery deciding the winner (y)
  10. there are some pretty strong rumours that a Rossi/Duacti deal is done and dusted...apparently anouncements to be made end of this month?
  11. hope he gets back to his usual riding ability, and on a ducati would be fantastic!
  12. Yeah, Rossi found out he is either having his pay cut and/or getting less now as Lorenzo was getting 'that lost money' and it has supposed to got him not so happy about it. I mean, it's only that Rossi had a HUGE hand in making the bike the killer machine it is today...

    Of course, it is 'only' a rumour at present far as I know. Also that Stoner is supposed to move to Honda and Honday *may* 'kick' Pedrosa simply due to all the time he has had and hasn't produced the result(s) they wanted? Or that it might be a 3 bike team. We'll find out when we find out eh
  13. The hot rumour is for Stoner and Dovi to be teamed up in a Red Bull branded outfit with Pedrobot (and the unloved Alberto Puig) in a single team still branded by Repsol.
  14. You are obviously forgetting Lorenzos effort last year when his team lifted him onto the bike ( 'cause he had busted ankles) and he raced to 2nd or 3rd place -can't remember exactly. Lorenzo is Dog. And Rossi knows it. Stopping the information exchange between the 2 of them has done nothing to stop Lorenzo out riding him. That's the real reason Rossi will move teams.

    PS I'm the biggest Rossi fan out there -having watched him from his 125 days. But I think Lorenzo is the new Master.

    PPS sorry, I was a year out. Here's a link- http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/sport/more_sport/article3958931.ece
  15. How far is he off the wsbk pace?
  16. Yeah, I may easily forget stuff if I don't think about it often. Such is the side effects of being on 200mg+ daily oxycontin, tramal, lyrica + other pain meds. Only stuff I _really_ remember about Lorenzo was him battling it with Rossi, both on the Yamahas and Lorenzo crashed 1 or 2 times "in the heat of battle" hence I remember him from last year as "not that great" when the heat is actually put on him. And I remember that AWESOME last corner overtake that Rossi did on Lorenzo last year, i.e http://motogptube.com/2010/04/21/valentino-rossi-says-fk-about-last-corner-overtake-at-catalunya/

    I just don't care much for Lorenzo when it comes to the basics. If he wasn't on the best bike (in my opinion) 'by himself', I think he would not be doing any where near as well. But it could be fuzzy impaired brain just thinking that :busting: