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Valentines gifts!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. So who else got bike gear from their better half?

    In a sign of true love (knowing he's going to have to fit them! lol) Tony bought me a nice shiny red set of renthal ultra low handlebars for my hornbag!

    Good thing I bought him a cordless drill lmao

    So what bike gear did others get?
  2. Valentines day is pathetic. Single, taken or married, it's materialistic and makes me vomit inside my mouth.
  3. My lovely valentine is giving me a lift to pick up my new bike (which I bought on her birthday) on Sat. Not quite a valentines gift, but I am sure I can count it!!

    I have made her breakfast in bed with a lovely fresh brewed coffee (mmmm.... smell the caffinated goodness!!!) Except she is sleeping in.

    So I had it myself! Yay, I am my own valentine!

  4. Riiiiight...

    So you got nothing huh? :p

    Don't get me wrong, I've never celebrated VD so I'm not that fussed. I got up and cooked Dave breakfast. That's the extent of my VD :p

    *this is meant for holly, WGM got in before me :p
  5. Ahhhhhh!...............spoken like a true romantic :rofl:

    welcome back Holly
  6. likewise, just another day......but incase the other half reads this happy VD sweety :LOL:
  7. well I ordered the Krispy Kreme Valentine Donuts for Phil

    except he is away with work until the weekend and I am on a diet so I cant share them :(

    guess the kids can have some and Phil can pull them out of the freezer when he gets home

    but usually its just another day and another reason to buy something for each other.

  8. Doesn't anyone else know what VD is? :rofl:
  9. I'm with you. Valentines day is so one sided, there is nothing romantic about it.

    Men do not want a balloon with a cuddly wuddly bear on it.

    Men go through the motions for two reason; 1, it smooths the waters for a bit. 2, there is a fair chance of sex.
  10. True, but I'd love a cuddly wuddly bear with a balloon on it! :LOL:

    And 3, because we have to, otherwise there is anger and seks strike!
  11. ???

    It's not one sided for us. I actually told my other half I didn't want anythign this year, I just wanted to go see cloverfield with him. yes I got him a drill cause he has to keep borrowing one for work, but i honestly didn't expect anything from him cause money's been tight.
  12. Shut up and be nice to your missus. It ain't so hard.

    Besides our day comes next month. Mark it in your diaries ladies, March 14, Steak and Blowjob Day.
  13. ok call my just a simple woman
    but what day is that??

    you mean we are only supposed to do it once a year?????

    give my husband a steak that is........
  14. I'm nice to my wife everyday, why is today any different? :?

    What makes someone who is married think that they won't be your valentine? What the hell is a 'valentine' anyway? What's in it for me? Keeping in mind my wife is nearly 37weeks pregnant!
  15. I am not much of a fan of the commercialism - but that goes for all holidays and times of celebration. I don't like the commercialism of Christmas but it's a good excuse to spend time with family and friends.

    Valentines day is a good excuse to do something romantic, but I don't subscribe to the ridiculously overpriced flowers, bears or hearts. I say that people should use it as an excuse to do something special that they would love to do any other day of the year... Just my 2c (probably $2.50 today being Valentines Day)

    And for god sake, would you people stop wishing people happy VD. I don't speak from experience but I imagine having VD would not be something to be happy about.
  16. i dont have a wife :grin:

    But i am willing to be nice someone elses :twisted:

    but yeah....its an american thing like: ,haloween,christmas,aniversaries,birthdays...man im cheap
  17. I was married to an American for over 10 years...yeah I got brainwashed :oops: Will have to wait until tonight to see what my Valentine got me, if anything... :LOL: I've got her flowers...yeah imaginative I know :grin:

    Yes well you're absolutely right, Valentine's Day is all about getting drilled :rofl:
  18. Christmas and birthdays are American............. :?

    We're lucky we don't have names days in Australia!
  19. [carl (simpsons)] Ssshhuuudddduuuuppp [/carl] :LOL: