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valentines gifts.... (for the ladys)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by troy, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. lady riders....
    please tell me what u would like to get for valentines??
    so i can get some hints to what i should get her

  2. ive no ideas personally.... Ive never got one before :(

    flowers, chocolate, chocoalte flowers, gift voucher for bras and things, bras and things, naught nurse outfits, gift voucher for a shoe store, booze, stockings, jewlery, weekend away...

    try going for a "you gift" and an "us" gift, e.g. heres some chocolate and nickers for you and some nice stockings for us - go put them on. :LOL: or heres nice bra set for you, and a dinner/night on the town for us :)

    so what do you get for guys? :?
  3. i know...i know....wat they want.......RESPECT?!?!?!?

    if it doesn't work try none of.... :roll:
  4. A night in the sac with no questions asked and agree to be adventurous within reason all whilst wearing the sexiest little numer you own??
  5. poor eswen
    if u were mine i would buy u pressies all the time :p
    but thanks for the ideas though i have done them already
  6. :shock: thats supposed to be kept for valentines day??
  7. Flowers of course. Flowers delivered to the workplace earns special points.
    Dinner out.
    Free use of your bike for 12 months
    Total contol of the remote for 12 months
  8. as for guys they are soo easy to make happy
    so easy i wont say lol
    and if u really want to know PM me :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. depends whether you want to impress her and make her happy or do the minimum you can get away with :)
  10. interesting one
    ill let her the remote.... i have another tv in the game room hahahah
    and she can have 12 month use of my bike.... she hasnt got her licence yet :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Can't want the remote, too much responsibility! Does my head in.

    Something small from Tiffany's. Or else, seriously:

    Day Spa massage and pamper treatment, followed by a romantic dinner should see her relaxed and feeling like a princess. Girls like to feel like a princess.
  12. ::giggle:
    how about a paid for learners course at HARTS.

    If she works sending flowers to her there is a winner. Dont buy underwear...
  13. Marry Me!
  14. HOLY MOLY...
    i think we have a winner
  15. I got my pressie early \:D/ (yesterday)

    I was given a pair of Draggin Camo's (NOT the girli pink/purple ones....yes, yes, yes, I know, I should be wearing them cos I am a girl but I don't like em!) :p

    I was over the moon!!!! And still am!!!!

    Personally, if I get something on Valentines Day (regardless of what it is) it's great cos it's the thought that counts and the fact I got something!!! :LOL:

    Is your chicki into bikes or not?
  16. thats not a bad idea either
    how much??
  17. Not too sure cos both pairs I have were pressies :grin:

    I think they're about $180 and if ya go to Bikemart in Ringwood (where mine were bought) you get a discount if you are a Netrider Member.

  18. [/quote] why is it chicks who get all hung on Valentines day? :roll: .[/its just like Easter and Xmas, designed for retailers... quote]


    1. Easter = chocolate, so bad skin and worrying about increase in size of bum.
    2. Christmas = way too much food - worry about size of bottom again and also issue of family angst and too many presents with little bits that get lost before lunch.
    3. Valentine's day - is just an opportunity to spoil your partner. Although I tell him he is special every day.
  19. Ok, how about a page of gift ideas that *won't* see you spending the next Valentines Day making quality time with your hand?