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Valencia Moto2 GP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Garfield, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Scott Redding......
    Young British bloke, former Metrakit England junior road racer.
    Great to see the juniors performing on the world stage.
    Had the pleasure of spending time with Scott's team in Sepang at the Malaysian GP.
    They are a great team, true professionals with a very, very strong focus on the rider.
    Think 2011 could be Scott's year.

  2. What a cracker of a race! They are not f*cking about those moto2 guys, are they? Any harder or more ruthless than that and I think some people should start getting penalised for unsporting behaviour, myself. I'm not going to single out any one rider, because that whole lead group were getting a bit keen, but poor old superglue got bulldozed off in a way that seemed quite unnecessary to me. Fun to watch, very exciting, but... I don't think I'd like to show up at a club race and have people start doing stuff like that to me. I think I might make my way back to their pit and go a bit Wayne Maxwell on them.
  3. I can't remember a gutsier ride than Ianonne's, usually when someone passes that's the end but to fight back three times to the lead was amazing, and only Elias' stuff-up robbed him of the win

    a cracker race, bring on 2011
  4. Poor old superglue did it to himself. He was out of position and tried to muscle past bradl? who didn't take a bar of it.
  5. The guy you are referring to as superglue has a name and it is Kenan Sofuo─člu.

    As far as the move was concerned there was space there and Kenan tried to get past but Stefan ran him wide at full speed. Call it karma call it bad luck but we all saw what happened to Stefan later on.
  6. One of the best races I have seen
    I agree superglue was pushed wide and he did a great job to keep it altogether only falling off right at the end he managed to then limp the bike back.
    Great ride by the winner and the second place guy.
  7. So can some one please tell me htf does the name Sofuoglu become superglue?
  8. the same way jones becomes jonesy; no-one's mocking him because he's Turkish, just relax and let it slide, ok :)
  9. Jorge= whoregay
    Hopkins=Hopping mad or Hoppers
    Dovizioso = Dozy

    etc, etc, etc.
  10. hornet I know it's nothing to do with his nationality but i was genuinely surprised how Sofuoglu could become superglue. The example you gave made sense as would James becoming Jim or Patrick becoming Pat but Sofuoglu to superglue wtf.

    Anyway carry on.