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Vale TonyE, Tony Ellis

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jun 24, 2016.

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    It's with much sadness that I share that TonyETonyE - former NR Moderator, long time NR member, absolute stalwart of Victorian and national motorcycle advocacy over the very long term and strong supporter of the VMC, passed away yesterday, peacefully, following some serious health issues.

    He will be missed.

    Funeral Details:
    3:30pm Wednesday 29th, Victoria Funerals. 415-417 Victoria street, Brunswick.

    Ride in Peace brother.
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  2. I never knew the guy, but RIP Tony.
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  3. really sorry to hear
    only met him once
    but will be missed
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    Tony's efforts were much without fanfare or favour. But he was always the gentleman, always the confident, always a friend. For those that didn't know, he was the AMC secretary, Ulysses Club Road Safety Committee member, BMWMCC Club member, Motorcycle Advisory Group (and formerly VMAC) member, VMC executive member and former Motorcycle Riders Association of Victoria Secretary and committee member. He has been integral with the formation of the VMC and improving advocacy for Victorian riders for over a decade. He was the one that had the Levy implementation changed so that it only applied to one bike per person, regardless of how many bikes you might have. Not that he favoured the Levy of course. John also pointed out Tony was quoted in the Leuvin Study - Commuting by Motorcycle which was used to argue to the benefits of Lane Filtering. Tony also worked with Rob Smith on the first filtering push in Victoria back in 2011. There are many other small improvements this quiet achiever made for us all, he is a great loss to all riders.


    Vale Tony Ellis, ride forever now.

    See you at the funeral.
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  5. I only knew Tony through Netrider, and a shared passion for the same musicians, but when I was down in Melbourne a few years ago he invited me to meet him for lunch and was every bit as charming and gracious as he was online. I will miss his genuine friendship.....
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  6. I was very sorry to hear this news :-(
    A committed rider who gave willingly to promote motorcycling safety.
    Ride on Tony ...

    Sincere condolences to family and friends.
  7. RIP and condolences to Tony's family. He was a good 'un.
  8. I refrain from using the Like button to acknowlege Rob's post as it seems inappropriate.

    I always enjoyed Tony's contributions to NR.

    RIP mate.
  9. Sad news. RIP Tony.
  10. Like most of you, I never knew the man.
    After reading some comments describing Tony, he certainly has my profound respect.
    An accomplished individual and great bloke it seemed.
    R.I.P Tony.
  11. A great loss to the motorcycling community.
    My thoughts are with his family and friends.

    RIP Tony.
  12. Apart from all of the tributes posted above tony had a great sense of humour and loved the dad jokes. He would have really loved the dad jokes thread.
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  13. Was fortunate enough to meet him a few times over the years. Condolences to robsalvvrobsalvv, WolveWolve and all others who knew him very well.

    Sorry I will not be able to make it to the funeral.

    RIP TonyE.


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  14. Lovely picture, J, really captures the man....
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  15. With the approval of Victoria, Tony's widow, we shall arrive at the funeral en masse as a tribute ride.

    Anyone riding in by bike please meet at the corner of Victoria Street and Melville Road by 3pm. Look for the white K1600GT, any queries call me 0428 383826.
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  16. I met him at some shindig on some cold night some long time ago, probably the same night I met a few faces from around here and elsewhere. Great bloke, easy to have a yarn with.
    My thoughts to Tony's family, friends and all those who have had the opportunity to meet him.

    Sad times, only to remind us of the good.

  17. Should put this up on the VMC page.
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  18. Tony will be missed by the entire motorcycle family here in Australia. He helped bring about changes that have been to the benefit of all motorcyclists, whether you knew him or not.
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    Many here would have interacted with TonyE on Netrider.

    It with much sadness that we lost Tony Ellis last week. He passed away last week after having had a heart attack on the preceding Friday.

    For the record I would like to record here some of Tony's achievements, of which you may not have been aware.

    Tony was a long serving advocate for Motorcycling.

    He represented riders on the following:

    • Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council and its successor the Motorcycle Advisory Group. Both of these were Vic Government groups.
    • National Motorcycle Safety Council. This was a federal initiated group which Tony was invited to be a member.
    • Ulysses Safety Committee.
    • Secretary to the Australian Motorcycle Council.
    • Committee Member Victorian Motorcycle Council.
    • Toy Run and GP Run Marshall
    Tony was quoted in the Leuvin Study - Commuting by Motorcycle which was used to argue to the benefits of Lane Filtering.

    There are probably many things that I have missed from the above list. Needless to say Tony made sure that he was at all times closely in touch with everything that was happening in the world of Motorcycle Politics. If ever I wanted to know what was going on - I just had to go to him.

    Tony's funeral will take place on Wednesday 29th June at 3.30pm at Victoria Funerals

    415-417 Victoria St at Brunswick

    The BMW MCC, of which Tony was a member have organised a ride to the funeral (due to the fact that the casket will remain a the Funeral until the next day) the details are:

    Leave the junction of Victoria Street and Melville Road Brunswick - please arrive by 3pm to join this tribute to a fellow rider.

    A FB Event has been created and everyone is welcome to join. Tony's wife Victoria has expressed that she would love to see lots of motorcycles at the funeral.

    On a personal note, Tony was a best mate. I spoke with him often. He called me from hospital on the day of his heart attack to joke about the fact that the best place to have a heart attack was to be at a hospital, where he had been for another routine check for a long term illness. Tony was a quiet achiever and never one to call attention to himself. We were lucky to have him for as long as we did. RIP
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