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Vale SMH

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by snuff3r, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. If the Fairfax share price keeps going south, the company'll save itself by going bust before Gina the Vogon (have you seen the poem she wrote that's nailed to a big rock in Morley?) can do much with it :D.
  2. Wheres a Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal when you need one.
  3. OMG You're right, Pat!
  4. She's got more than enough money to reanimate its corpse and send it forth to eat the brains of the populace.
  5. hope everyone will enjoy reading the Sydney Mining Herald
  6. .....
  7. I guess this is why some people in the government are so keen to get some media regulation in place ASAP. And ironic that Fairfax journalists have argued so forcefully against it.

    I wonder what Gina thinks about that old suckerfish John Simpleton coming out on her side?
  8. From the article: "Long-time Gina Rinehart friend and entrepreneur John Singleton".

    Pretty sure she's smiling all the way to the bank...
  9. Julia will only have the ABC to rely on for soft interviews now.....
  10. I just wish i could stop seeing her fat ****ing face so often on the television and in newspapers.
  11. My guess is that when she runs them all, you won't see any more stories about her.
  12. I don't mind her controlling it, it's the fact she refuses to sign the SMH charter that is so troublesome.

    Half the media in Australia is already the mouthpiece for a single individual. We don't need the other half going to another person with an agenda.

    As for not printing the Herald, I'm not sure what to think. I'm getting the Herald delivered at the moment 3 days a week and quite frankly I find it annoying (I got a free offer). I'd rather read my news on-line (with the possible exception of Saturday).

    Having said that, I'm very much aware that on-line journalism runs a 15 minute cycle and it's sole purpose is to achieve maximum hit rates. The two combined make not just bad journalism, but undermine the stability of a country.

    But also I'm a bit hypocritical in that I doubt I'd pay to read online newspapers. The argument for payed newspapers is that it helps to break that maximum click mentality.
  13. It will be interesting to hear how she respinds to this

  14. I guess this an argument about the semantics of "control"...

    If quality, editorially indpendent, text-based journalism (incl. on-line) is the critical thing, do you see an opportunity/need for the ABC, which already has the infrastructure and much of the scope (admitting that it is presently stretched very thin), to step further into this space should Fairfax fold or disappear into the tabloid-void*?

    Given that they've already got round the clock news via radio and TV, it might possibly ease the pressure caused by the advent of the 24 hour news cycle in the interests of quality and depth.

    There has been no end of comment pieces over the last week about the dire state of our democracy, and if its a critical piece of the puzzle, surely there's a case for funding it this way.

    [*a mysterious space that exists between the ears of its semi-literate]
  15. It's pretty obvious she isn't buying shares because it's a good investment. She wants to get on the board so she can make them STFU on issues where she doesn't like what they're saying (politics and taxation).

    Fairfax journalists are kidding themselves if they think a 'charter' is going to prevent her from taking control and shutting them up. Welcome to feudal rule.

    When the entire commercial media landscape has leaned unequivocally to the right, the centre automatically starts to look like the left. Ogden, I'd be interested to know who you think might be interested in funding a greater news reach for the ABC? Or 'democracy', for that matter.
  16. Meh, take the journalism from fairfax at face value, ie rubbish. Makes no difference what it has been or will be, it will remain the same.

    Pretty much impossible to find real journalism these days. 99% is just recycled press releases and the other 1% isn't worth much more.
  17. All of this: Couldn't agree more.

    In short, me. (ABC News24 aside*) I think the ABC does a reasonably good job with its TV news and radio. News is a public service too valuable not to consider investing publicly in it were the private providers can, for whatever reason, not ensure adequate service. (Whether those with the power to achieve this are interested to do so is another question, which is what you might be driving at.) But I'd gladly see my 8 cents a day increased if it ensured (reasonably) independent large-based journalism. Small scale web based stuff is important too, but it can't on its own fill the coverage gap created by failing broadsheets.

    *Not saying the ABC or isn't necessarily free from biases of one form or another, and I think their news 24 channel is a waste of space. (Round the clock TV news is not an advance on radio, IMO)
  18. The problem is the ABC isn't watched by all. In fact many people just never switch to that channel(s). So the void will be filled by opinion pieces masquerading as news, with most Australians no recognizing the difference.

    Then there is the bigger moral picture. At present I don't believe the ABC to be bias. I think there are adequate checks and separations in place. You do have to wonder, however, about the future of state television in a country where the morality off government is in decline, when there is no true private journalism left.
  19. Shes only investing/running it, so she can get articles written the way she wants them written, and make it all positive for her, i think its wrong that she wants the ability to hire and fire the people she wants, and i can see it happening when she fires those who don't agree with her values and thoughts.

    after reading/hearing all about how she changed the dates for when her kids would get their billions, so they couldn't access it.. she is a horrible woman.

    its all money money money for her, **** the family.

    As if shes going to notice a few billion here and there.. she's got enough money to survive several lifetimes.