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Vale, Gentleman Jim Stynes

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by NiteKreeper, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. I've just heard Big Jim passed away this morning, having lost his battle with bastard cancer.
    I admired him as a footballer, but he was so much more than that - a tireless administrator at MFC, a guiding hand to troubled youth, and lately an inspiration to cancer patients and their families.

    A legend who won't be forgotten.
  2. There goes a truly decent bloke. RIP
  3. Just read about it.. rest in peace jimmy, you were a standout bloke.
  4. Rest in Peace Jim.
  5. Rest peacefully Jim. A good bloke.
  6. One of the true gentlemen who apart from footy, helped troubled kids with his foundation.
  7. A good example of a sportsman who transcended the sporting field.

    No doubt a very public and appropriate memorial awaits, while our thoughts go out to his wife and children.
  8. RIP Jim, very sad day. Great man, great family. I feel sad for them.
  9. I had the privilege of meeting Jim Stynes on a few occasions, initially as a MFC member.

    When I was working at JB Were I was one of the delegates for the workplace giving program and one of our charities was Reach. He came to our offices a number of times and was not only an inspiring talker but just an all round champion.

    Why do all the good ones, go early.
  10. Legends live on. Ciao jimmy
  11. A truly sad day.
  12. For a Paddy .. he made a bloody good Aussie ..... RIP mate.
  13. The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long.
  14. I can only hope the tribute is televised here too.
  15. RIP champ.

    A great inspiration to many, including me.