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Vale Charles "Bud" Tingwell

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smee, May 15, 2009.

  1. One of Australia's genuine entertainers and a true Gentleman.
    UPDATE 2.04pm: THE PM and legends of Australia's stage and screen lead tributes to Charles Bud Tingwell, who died today aged 86.
    Tingwell, one of Australia's most enduring film favourites with a career lasting more than 60 years, passed away in a Melbourne hospital at 8.30am.
    His son, Christopher, and daughter, Virginia, who is also an actor, were by his side. 
    Tingwell died from complications with prostate cancer, a spokesperson said.
    Michael Caton, who worked alongside Tingwell on The Castle, described his admiration for a sweet, gentle man with a sturdy core.
    He told heraldsun.com.au: "When we first met on the Sullies (The Sullivans) when he was director we clashed, but years later I got to know and love him as he was.
    "It hits me most the way he went about life with such grace.
    "A week after his beloved Audrey died, he was on set of The Castle giving a speech to the High Court about family and home and the look in Bud's eyes as he did that was unforgettable.''
    Actor Matthew Newton described the loss of his good friend as a "very, very sad day''.
    Victorian Premier John Brumby described Tingwell as giant of the screen and a brillant actor.
    "He was a gentleman in every sense of the word," he said.
    "An entertainer, a great MC at a function and one of the people that helped put the Australian television and film industry on the map.
    "He will be sorely missed by those that loved to see him on the big screen."
    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd described Tingwell as a "great Australian".
    "Bud Tingwell is in every sense an Australian legend,'' Mr Rudd said.
    "From old generations knowing him through (TV series) Homicide and newer generations knowing him as the battlers' friend from (the film) The Castle.
    "He is so much a part of the Australian character as it's been shaped and as it will evolve in the future.
    "A great Australian and all Australians are sad to see his passing.''
    While Victorian MP Bernie Finn is calling on the Premier for a state funeral.
    "He was an icon of Australia," he said.
    Photos: Charles Bud Tingwell's screen career
    Tingwell had been diagnosed with cancer several years ago.
    The star of The Castle and television's Homicide, Tingwell was a highly respected and much-loved star.
    Opposition leader Ted Baillieu said: "Bud Tingwell was a film, television, theatre and radio legend in Australia and was loved and respected worldwide.
    "But he was also a great Australian in every respect, from war veteran to community icon."

  2. to true.. he will be missed. may he rest
  3. A WW2 Fighter Pilot too
    RIP Bub :cry:
  4. I don't think he was a fighter pilot - flew recon missions in up-spec'd spits with cameras all over them. That's me being anal.
  5. fair spot. still cool though
  6. part of my television childhood, may he be long remembered
  7. I worked with him on many projects..he was a damn nice bloke.
  8. Sad to hear, Rip Bud tingwell
  9. Yeah I was sad when I heard this this morning.

    But it's a bitter sweet thing - he was a great man and had a great life and was loved by so many. So there's a weird happy/sad thing going on.
  10. 86 - not a bad run, but still sad to lose him. I never worked with him, but my partner and I are both in the theatre industry and know plenty of people who did. You've got to go a long way to find anyone who'd say a bad word about him - which is saying a lot after such a long career in such a cut-throat, biatch-filled business.
  11. Can't say i've seen a lot of his work, but of what I have seen, he's been great, RIP bud.
  12. RIP.
    A sad day for all.
    Fondly remembered in his role in the movie "The Castle"
  13. It's an industry awards night.
    Bud is presenting the next award and the female recipient comes to collect.
    As she starts on her acceptance speech she pauses and looks at bud and says " Oh my god i'm sharing the stage with Charles Tingwell"

    You're a legend mate and you earned a rest, thanks for all your characters and contributions.