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N/A | National Vale Billy Redmayne

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by AllllllR1, Apr 20, 2016.

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    So I just heard the news that a family friend and up and coming road racer Billy Redmayne Rising talent Billy Redmayne has died | RR 0 passed away earlier this evening after an incident at the Olivers Mount Spring cup which is one of the first meetings of the British road racing season and a precursor to the IOM TT over the weekend.

    In his first two seasons of road racing he had won the Manx newcomers in 2014 and the Manx junior last year and lapping 121mph on a supersport bike in the Manx senior before retiring out of second place due to mechanical failure. He was due to compete at the TT on a factory MV Augusta alongside multiple TT winner Gary Johnson and also on privately prepared ninja zx10r he was considered one of the brightest talents in the next generation of road racers and big things were expected of him.

    Last year I attended my first ever TT and Billy's parents whom my family have been friends with for Many years organised our accomodation and a car for the two weeks during which time I finally got to meet Billy and his family in person. As Billy wasn't racing we spent a few days with him and he took us to some spectacular places to watch having local knowledge including a spot called Barregarrow (a must for any one who goes to the TT)

    Although I only knew him briefly this for me has been a cruel reminder of the dangers of the sport we love and I felt compelled to share it on the NR forums. And also to acknowledge a racer who was destined for greatness cut down before his prime...



    Thanks for the memories Billy and Rest In Peace
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