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V8Supercar vs Superbike at QR this weekend

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pvda, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Next weekend will see the next round of the Australian Superbike Championship run at Queensland Raceway.

    According to the bike series web site there will be a race between a Yamaha Superbike & the V8Supercar of Jamie Whincup. They ran a Porsche vs bike comparo last year with the combatants running half a lap apart (for obvious safety reasons) so I would assume it will be the same this year.

    Here is the press release from Ausco (the mob who run the bike series)

    Queensland Superbike v V8 Supercar Showdown!

    From Ausco

    At long last after all the talk about "who is faster a V8 Supercar or a Superbike" it is finally going to be decided.

    Queensland Raceway will be the site of an amazing on-track battle between the nation’s premier motorcycle and touring car series’ this Sunday July 9, with the Yamaha Racing Team YZF-R1 Superbike of Daniel Stauffer going head to head with the Team Betta Electrical BA Ford Falcon V8 Supercar of Jamie Whincup.

    The two-wheel versus four-wheel race will be an incredible and unprecedented spectacle for racegoers attending round four of the YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship at the Ipswich circuit.

    Both series are considered the pinnacle of their respective racing disciplines, with huge fan bases and recognition on a national and international scale.

    Stauffer and Whincup are household names in their respective categories and have both stood atop the podium on a number of occasions, but there can only be one winner in this epic track showdown.

    An excited Stauffer said he was looking forward to the opportunity to take on a V8 Supercar on the 3.12km racetrack, and was honoured to be offered the chance to pilot the Superbike.

    “It is an amazing opportunity for both myself and the series in general, it’s one of those fictional comparisons that motorsport fans can always imagine and for it to be actually take place is an absolute thrill,” said Stauffer.

    “Aside from the obvious differences between our racecraft, there really are quite a lot of similarities between the two championships, and when it comes to lap times there is nearly nothing in it,” he said.

    “Jamie is a great up-and-coming talent in V8 Supercars and has already won a round this year, so it will be no easy task for the Yamaha 1000cc machine, I’m predicting it will be neck and neck right to the finish line.”

    Winner of the Adelaide Clipsal 500 in March, Jamie Whincup was similarly enthused at the prospect of the race, and believed the Team Betta Electrical V8 Supercar would offer an immense challenge to the Superbike.

    “V8 Supercar racers closely follow a number of national championships and the Australian Superbike Series is a real standout in terms of speed and performance on the track,” said Whincup.

    “Both racing calendars include a number of the same circuits including Queensland Raceway, so this race is sure to be extremely interesting.”

    “The Falcon and Yamaha will have strengths that show in different areas, and one of the main characteristics of a V8 Supercar that often surprises racegoers is the big braking ability into corners, especially into turn 3 at the end of the back straight,” he ended.

    The Yamaha Racing Team YZF-R1 Superbike will take to the circuit along with the Team Betta Electrical Ford Falcon V8 Supercar during a break from motorcycle racing at approximately 12.00pm on Sunday July 9.

    The racebred machines will square off in a controlled race environment and are sure to generate a buzz throughout Ipswich’s typically strong ASC crowds. The V8 Supercar and Superbike will start on opposite sides of the track for a 3-lap dash against each other and the clock.

    The immensely entertaining and successful race format was utilised at last season’s round of the championship at Queensland Raceway, featuring a Gemballa Porsche and showroom Yamaha YZF-R1.

    With bragging rights and pride at stake for both the two and four-wheeled fraternities in this mega horsepower showdown, fans are guaranteed a full-throttle effort from Stauffer and Whincup.

    The Superbike produces approximately 190 horsepower compared to the V8 Supercar’s 640 horsepower, though the power-to-weight ratio brings both back to an even playing field.

    Stauffer’s R1 weighs in at around 170kg, while Whincup’s Falcon tips the scales at 1355kg, almost 8 times heavier. The difference means a slightly higher top speed for the Superbike, an advantage that will be quickly eaten away as the V8 Supercar carves through corners with relative ease in comparison to its two-wheeled opponent. Both machines rely on Dunlop tyres in order to keep them glued to the bitumen.

    Racegoers can enjoy the spectacle of non-stop action from 9am Sunday, featuring 7 different categories all aiming for a round victory at the championship’s only visit to Queensland in 2006.
  2. This was done many times back in the 70s at the old 2x4 meetings and was always a bit of a fizzer, to be honest..

    But it should be a great spectacle; I doubt it will settle any arguments, but if push comes to shove Jamie can always lane-split past the Falcon :LOL:
  3. this will be quite interesting
    so they will on track side by side

    im getn goosebumps just thinkn about it
  4. i'll kick both their asses with my HJ wagon :cool:
  5. If you want to watch this and not know the winner beforehand, don't buy AMCN, as the result is published in the current issue.
  6. As I said at the top of the original post they did a similar comparo last year using a Carrera Cup Posche & a Yammy of some sort (think it was a road bike).

    They ran half a lap apart for some pretty obvious safety reasons (I'd hate to see Jamie get run over if he happened to drop the bike in front of the car) and run against the clock and not physically against each other.

    Maybe AUSCO needs to invest in that Virtual Spectator thing they use in the World Rally Championship telecasts.

    Will be an interesting comparison as a V8 will corner a lot better than a Superbike but the bike will get some back on accelaration. Queensland Raceway being a bunch of straights linked by mickey mouse corners could favour the bike a little bit. Maybe they should try this at the Winton round where I think the car would be slightly better off.
  7. I realise that publishing deadlines are tight, but even they can't get the info a week before the vent has happened...

    That was PI, and Steve Brouggy on a Triumph 675.

    And I doubt that they'll be racing side-by-side! The car will be a lot quicker in the corners, and the bike quicker on the straights.

    My bet is on a win to the car.
  8. Hey inci, how can they publish the results of something that hasn't happened yet or have the Motor & AMCN mags done another car vs bike thing again??
  9. Maybe you are right, it could be a different one. I don't have the mag here at work so I can't check. I do know that the rider binned it at 200kph in practice. I won't say who won the actual race though.

    EDIT - It is different. It's a hot road car against a sportsbike.

    EDIT 2 - Well Duh! I think I'll just crawl back under my rock now. There is plenty of info here.

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    Here is a cool example of how they used to do it, everyone on track at same time, like they do at the Melbourne F1 gp


    Love the backing track....
  11. will this race between the superbike and supercar be televised??
    If so, does anyone know roughly what time it will be on??
  12. It will be but they've only shown the first half of the Perth round and they've had the Adelaide round of the series since.

    Keep an eye on the forum and I usually post when these things pop up on free to air TV.
  13. Yeah but then the Falcon will, without any indication, make a turn in the direction of said motorcycle, completely wiping him out, and continue on with his lap unaware of the mishap :LOL:
  14. If it's shown on Foxtel before free to air can you post that up also... I don't watch much tv but probably watch Fox Sports more than free to air
  15. Anyone find out the result of this race?

    I wanted to watch it, or at least find out who won :p