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V8 supercars -> rick kelly piece of sh*t

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by NedKellyAUS, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Man poor Lowndsey, the HSV & HRT boys gangraped him. Congrats to Holden on the championship. It took 3 of you to win it for Rick, The blocking of skaife race 1, the downright blocking and holding up in race 2 of Tander. Then in race 3 rick thinks to himself. Hey i dont have the talent to beat lowdnes with skill I guess i better hit him up the ass.

    Lowndes beat kelly fair 2 races in a row and had pace on him all weekend. Despite both HSV and HRT running blocking games for RICK. Im sure we will see some people say lowdnes blocked rick, but lets look at the facts of the round. In a lap or 2 lowdnes would of pulled away from rick and won the championship.

    So for all you Holden fans out there. Your teams have proven that they are nothing but low life pack hunting bastards. That couldnt beat 1 man without all playing a part to try and take him down..

    So congrats Lowdnesy. you raced hard. You won races (something rick doesnt know hoe to do). You are the true champ of 2006!

    look at the signs on the car -> LOL


  2. The fact that someone can win a championship without winning a race tells me the formula is pretty bad.

    I didn't see the incident, but he didn't deserve the championship anyway.
  3. Lowndsey has lodged a protest so time will tell.
    We would like to see the championship won fair & square, not by so called dirty tricks etc.

    If this only proves the formula is up the creek then hopefully it will be looked @.

    No point shooting off @ the hip & bagging out the other side. It dont look good :LOL:

    And by the way Holden fan
  4. Yup, read about it in todays paper, how shonky.
  5. disgusting

    the fact that rick kelly knew he couldn't beat lowndsey fairly so he shunted him is just wrong.

    should have results of the hearing soon
  6. they are changing the points system for next season and might be looking at a MOTO GP point system.

    but they do need to do something.

    But i do love that racing.

    ford fan! \:D/
  7. Pfft, cars :roll: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. The problem at PI and with the result, goes back to Surfers where the officials and the HRT conspired together to produce a close result and prevent the championship being won before the last race of the season....
  9. Particularly V8's! I could only ever get interested in Dinosaur racing if they bring back the cute ones with the frilly necks..........
  10. Hmm.. :roll: I'm having deja vu... :? What are you doing in here anyway? Shoo! :evil: Be gone!

    :LOL: :LOL:

    It was bloody sad seeing Lowndes sitting there at Honda corner. :( Lost interest in the race after that.

    edgelette wrote:
    How soon?
  11. scratch that rosie..
    it's been going 4 hours with no sign of a decision yet!
  12. just released, kelly has been given the win, just heard it on the radio
  13. I used to get excited by the V8's but didn't make any sort of effort to get an officiating job at PI this year as it's getting boring and queuing up for 4 hours to get off the island isn't mt idea of fun either.
  14. Ok so we all know that the points system is completely flawed however as the commentators stated, the incident will be blamed from both sides as we have witnessed here in the thread...

    Ford fans will say one thing, Holden another.

    Either way, Rick won based on the current policies in place.
    This hopefully would have caused enough of a stir to review the laws of the sport.

    I used to be a Holden girl through and through, but now consider myself as a swinger.... 50% Holden, 50% Ford (I know, I know)
  15. Sorry, the point of my original thread was to say that there's no point putting someone elses name in the gutter unless your facts are 100%.

    In this case, only Kelly and Lownes are the ones who can really say...
  16. how are those grapes there, nice and sour i take it? :LOL: :LOL:

    thats right eat another one, and another... in fact, eat the whole damn bunch, it wont make lowndes a winner :wink: :p
  17. oh yeah, richmond would have won the AFL grand final last year too if there hadn't been 8 other teams that had more points/played better than them... grrrrr... we should have appealed that.... maybe they'll change the points sytem for next year so we'll win....

    :p :p
  18. yes richmond might have won if they knocked out all of the competition -> because that way it is easy.
  19. Whatever. That's motorsport. Teams have strategies regardless of what they drive and the rules and points systems are clear to everyone from the start.

    Two sentences will never get any respect in motor sport.

    1. I would have won if the rules were different.

    2. I would have won if I hadn't have crashed.

    People win, people lose and people stack. That's what racing's all about and at the end of the day it doesn't matter. I personally think Lowndes is an awesome driver and a genuinely top bloke to boot but the fact is the championship went to someone else. Let Lowndes have a shot at it next year and if you can't be happy for Kelly then at least don't waste your time being bitter about it cause it just doesn't matter. :)

    For those who question the decision I would say it's a decision to be made by officials because it's far too important to be made by a Ford fan. If it's any consolation though, I remember Rowan Atkinson saying something along the lines of "I've never questioned an umpire's decision and I'm not about to make an exception for that little prick" (or close enough to those words). :LOL:
  20. It is boring. The wings and splitters make passing near impossible and the cars are irrelavent. Not because they are dynosaurs, but because they don't event use the same engines as those used in production.

    And why should it just be a competition between the two american manufacturers? The two other Australian based manufacturers should at least be able to compete.

    At the moment its just NASCARS with Australain body panels that can't pass each other. How boring and irrelavent is that?