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V4 Ferrari m/c

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TonyE, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. i'm sorry, but the coolest bike has already been made, back in the 80's, by the japs of course.






    i would LOVE to own an exact copy of the anime's bike, would be mad.
  2. I remember drawing that american emblem (located under the LHS of the windshield) all over my aeroplane drawings in the late 80s to early 90s. It pretty much defined me back then, hahaha.
  3. its real, its the ferrari concept bike, check out the jag one.


    it tops out at bout 90kph haha :facepalm:
  4. Until a Clown headbutts you.
  5. [​IMG]

  6. Quote (about ferrari bike)

    ""As far as how fast it goes and how much the bike would cost, we can only speculate about very big numbers in both cases," Glinik says."

    Haha, You reckon
    enzo engine, jet hand controls and formula 1 butoons, F#*k this thing wheely rocks !!!!!!!!!!!

    (Christmas is coming and i want one Santa, 'hint hint")
  7. Read an article on this last weekend. It's a design 'based' on the enzo engine block, controls 'inspired' by F-16 controls and formula 1 style buttons but basically this guys designed his own bike. From what i can find it only exists in pictures. He borrowed a couple of Buell traits too I notice. It's belt drive and has perimeter brakes.
  8. photoshoppocycle
  9. Looks great, but I really cant see how it would go around corners too well .......

  10. ...its fugly...
  11. Who said that was real? Some bloke draws a picture and suddenly Ferrari are making a motorbike? Besides, Ferrari already make motorbikes, their just called "Ducati" :LOL:
  12. I think they thought of everything apart from the rider :grin:
  13. needs some sheepskin
  14. Puts the car to shame I say. Not that I'm much of a Ferrari fan anyway...although the F80 does tickle my fancy. Then again, so did the '57 Porche Spyder. Go figure, maybe this explains why I drive a Val and am going to buy a vintage jap bike...who knows...

    And yes, riding that thing would be like wrestling a lubricated long-neck. Can't figure out how you'd stay on at speed...

    - boingk