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V Twins

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by En, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. hey
    as i said in my last post i am in the market for a bike and am exploring every possibilty. now i am having a look over V twins in particular the honda spada. two questions;

    -speed? whats its max and is its acceleration any good? can it get up to 100 in decent time and not lag.

    -fuel consumption - less than a 4 cylinder? i have heard that (for some reason) that V twins aren't great of ecconomy.

    their just a couple of basic ones, i just wanna get an idea of how fast the bikes are because want one with decent speed and then how economical they are. cheers
  2. You will be more than happy with a v twin to start off with. Other options are some of the bigger 250 sport touring style bikes, like the zzr and the across. I am not a great fan of the racey type 250's. Dont be to worried about power from a 250. I guess your older 250's are not going to be as quick, but none of them are rockets after you get used to them. As for fuel cons i cant really help there. A good v twin is the vtr250. Just do your time and learn your craft.
  3. $10 premium in my VTR250 gets me 250km without switching to reserve.
    Although a newer model than the Spada - gets to 100km/hr easily :D
  4. V-twins are less efficient however the advantage with a Spada is that the alloy frame makes it a lot lighter than many 4 cylinder 250s which evens out acceleration a little. Top speed is dependant mainly on wind resistance and power so a naked twin like the Spada's at a disadvantage - should still be capable of around the 150kph mark though.
  5. Are you sure?? Because based of a price of $1.20/l (Quite cheap for premium) that works out to be 3.32L/100km which seem WAY TOO GOOD to be true.
  6. I rode home tonight in a stiff wind. Parts of my journey home were 100km/hr in a head wind, I laid down onto the tank and there was no issue. I could have probably done 100 easily sitting up, but it was easier to get down :) Around town, from light etc, no problem plenty of power. 25-30km per litre shouldn't be too much of an issue depending on riding style and conditions. If you want to go hard there is a good amount of fun power to be had between 10-13k rpm.
  7. My ZZR250 gets about 4.2L/100km to work and that's running in the high revs where the efficiency gos down hill. Keep bellow 80kph and 3.3L/100km is easy.
  8. Well - $10 doesn't fill it to the brim & although I usually refil when over the 200 mark, have gone to 250km without needing to switch to reserve. Mind you, am doing runs around country roads - not communiting in city traffic. So am just making a guestamate ...... :wink: Haven't done the actual mathematics :roll:
  9. ~$12-$13 of standard unleaded (@124cpl) in my VTR will get me to around 250km's, and I haven't gone as far as having to hit reserve yet (mind you, it must be coming bloody close). I don't exactly ride it gently either.

    I have found that the twin in the VTR seems to pull better down low in the rev range than the 4cyl 250's. It's good for squirting corner to corner, but seems to lose out in the top end. Being a naked, it's losing even more. Still, it's capable of ~155km/h (with a big run-up and a tight tuck :wink: )
  10. XV250 (v twin) - 9.5 liters - 260kms till it ran dry in outer suburban traffic.

    At freeway speeds I normally fill it up at 220 to 240kms and it takes around 7 liters to fill.

    This is on Vortex.
  11. You're in NSW; buy a GS500E.
  12. I think you're WAY off there with the fuel consumption figures. 30km/L with an 11L tank equates to around 330km to a tank. I cannot see how you could possibly get figures anywhere near that. I get about 200km to reserve if I'm commuting/riding on the highway and about 180-190km with spirited riding. ~20km/L OR 5L/100km would be a far more realistic figure.

    Also, as IK suggested... get a GS500. You have the LAMS, take advantage of it.
  13. Just to add to my post above... the Spada is a beautiful little bike to learn on, so don't for a second think that I'm suggesting that it isn't. I just think that if you have the opportunity to learn on something with a bigger and more relaxed engine that produces similar power then you should do it.

  14. My commute is a 60-100km/hr trip so maybe I get better fuel consumption figure than others? Unless the bowser is pumping in more fuel than it says it is.. *cough* Those are the figues I get (roughly). You'll note I said 25-30, not 30 or better...

    Not having a go at you Sam, but perhaps we ride differently / have different setups.
  15. my VTR will do 100-km's in about 3.5L of premium fuel, it gets up to speed in a decent amount of time :D im thinking of selling it soon to upgrade if your interested :wink:
  16. had a test ride of a VTR yesterday and have to say i like the speed, had to resist hammering it in residential streets but still is reat, and doesn't struggle up hills. great bike
  17. if you do end up getting a V twin a staintune exhaust is a must :LOL:
  18. My VTR gets 235kms until reserve (about 10L I think?) and tops out about 170kph. It's not as fast off the line as the "sports" 250s but it does ok and is an excellent first bike. Can't recommend it enough for a learner.
  19. The rev-limiter is right on 160km/h, so 170km/h is probably a bit of a stretch :LOL: . Also, with regards to it not being as fast off the line... you've got that a bit backwards dude. You'll kill any stock CBR/FZR/ZXR250 off the line on a GPX/ZZR/VTR/Spada. It's up higher in the rev range where the inline 4's start to get their advantage. That said, great learner bike, I couldn't recommend one enough :D .