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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Owen, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. Really want to get a Vtwin people, just wondering if there were many 250 cc V2's?
    I have no idea how to find that info out?

    Thanks again everyone....sorry my posts are getting annoying, its just that everyone in this forum is so helpful.....mostly :LOL:

    -Owen :D
  2. They're not annoying, but you must be going into information overload sometime about now, surely!!??
  3. Hehe nah not yet, im a uni student.....not meaning i can take a lot in....just means i learn nothign else so i have time to learn about bikes :D

    Youre a great help too hornet!
  4. Honda Spada :)
  5. Honda Spada and VTR250 are the obvious choices.

    Both good bikes. Spada has an extra gear but is a grey import and more suited to those of smaller build. VTR is newer.
  6. Honda VTR250, Suzuki Bandit 250 are the two I can think of.
  7. Ok v twin 250
    VTR250 Honda
    Vt250 Spada
    Yamaha SRV250 (if you can find one)
    Hyosung GT250
    Then the Cruisers
    Yamaha Virago 250

    Not sure about many others
    Have a look at the following site this will give you a list of all 250 noted

  8. Bandit's an inline-4

    Son't dismiss the parralel twins either.
  9. Do a "search" and you will probably find a wealth of info that has been shared on this subject already.
  10. I think the Bandit's a 4 cylinder. There's a bunch of 250 cruisers, they're mostly v-twins, if you're into that kind of bike.
  11. i'll have to be loyal and say 'go the VTR'. :LOL: and if you've got money to burn buy an aftermarket pipe ;)

    (sorry, i'm just so excited about fitting the staintune tomorrow) :LOL:
  12. The Bandit 250's are V-Twins, They Rev to about 14K and you start to feel a decent amount of torque once you get around the 8.5 to 13 range.

    Real great bike for beginners like myself. I got a lesson this arvo and my final day of q-ride tomrrow.. can't wait!
  13. If we are talking about the GSF250 it's definitely a 4. Engine is based off the GSXR250 motor.

    They're a damn good bike but they ain't a twin.
  14. The Bandit's an inline-four.
  15. http://www.motorbikes.be/en/Suzuki/1994/GSF 250 Bandit/
  16. Yes, yes it is.
  17. GPX and ZZR250's but they are inline twins. They are fully faired and are great learner bikes very easy to ride.
    Bandit (GSF250) are most diffently inline fours!

    In the late 80's there was an Australian model Honda V Twin it was designated as a VT 250 R I think. It was a fully faired bike and didn't go to bad an old mate had one. Haven't seen one around for a long time thou :?
  18. i didn't think all spada's were grey imports.
    i thought they were released over here in the
    late 80's/early 90's but didn't sell really well
    as v-twin 4 stoke 250's wern't that popular back then.
    the race rep stink wheels were king of the 250's.

    also the bandit 250 is definately a 4 cyl.

    the reason you haven't seen a vt 250 honda around
    for a while is cause although they went well they
    also blew up pretty well. not the most reliable
    from that era.
  19. sorry for some reason I thought it was just naked 250s not V-Twins.

    Damn vodka
  20. VT250C

    ** does a little dance**


    Damn Vodka...