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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Somatic, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Simple, I ride a CB400.

    What's the difference between an Italian twin ala Ducati monster and Japanese twin ala sv 650 or something similar?

  2. torque
  3. which one has more torque, the ital or the jap?
  4. The difference between an Italian v-twin and an Japanese v-twin? One is made in Italy and one is made properly.:bolt:

    Seriously, though. Detail differences aside the only serious difference is that Ducati (and no other major manufacturer) employ desmodromic valve actuation. You're going to have to google that, as it's sunday night and I CBF.
  5. Yup all V Twins have it. ](*,)
  6. Haha, fair enough. My brother won't be too impressed with that. He rides a monster.

    I've ridden it. It's a good bike. Its a whole different kettle of fish to the CB400 but that 4 cylinder. It does things differently but still gets the job done. So how would a Japanese, non desmo stack up?
  7. I think the biggest difference is the price..

    Ducati's have an edge over the Japanese bike manufacturers in terms of V and L Twin engineering, things like 'desmodromic valve actuation'

    Many also believe the Ducs have better handling and are more stylish.
  8. i have a sv650s and its awesome. had a cb600 for a few weeks before i killed it, i much prefer the twin, though ive heard this chances once you get higher cc's :p all personal choice though.

    me, i cant afford as ducati, and even if i could, im the type who would rather have something that does the job and doesnt cost as much to run etc.

    the sv suits me great :)
  9. I was under the impression it came down to personal choice - how do you take your coffee, double-chock skinny latte or black?
  10. There are a couple of other Italian V/L twins to consider. Check out Aprilia and Moto Guzzi. Its all about performance and passion.
  11. That was just a cheap gag I couldn't resist. Honestly, modern Duc's don't have issues with quality. Just as well, because you pay for a lot intangibles with some European brands. Things like style and 'feel', which I do believe that Ducati deliver.
    My experience of Monsters is limited to a couple of days on an S4 (1000cc water-cooled) and I liked it a lot, but it didn't fit me ergonomically. I can't speak for the smaller air-cooled ones. I suspect the benefits of desmo are a bit wasted on these, but that's Ducati's signature. They do have a more substantial feel to them and the sound just reinforces that.
    I rate the SV highly - I once almost bought one and I am currently trying to talk a friend into getting one. Compared to the Duc I think it is cheap and cheerful in the most positive sense. You feel like you can chuck it around and have fun without a worry.
  12. How come nobody said noise? Have to hear a Japanese twin that sounds as good as a Ducati (even stock).
    Second advantage of Ducati over SV650 is overall quality of components (Brembo radial brakes, all hoses reinforced, ...). Since I got my monster there is no part I wished was better (maybe adjustable fork, but would I fiddle with it anyway?).
    Also, as previously said, handling is superb, but I can't compare it to a SV650 as I haven't ridden one. Heard lots of good things about it though.
  13. I just took my brothers monster for a decent ride. I must say, the name says it all. It's a monster in every sense of the word. Heaps of low down grunt, aggressive feel, monstrous noise, handling - albeit different to my nimble CB - still holding true to the definition of monstrous. I felt that it handles a lot slower and more laid back than the CB. I can throw that bike around like a rag doll. The monster was different. Slower, which tends to give it more precision and stability. I think.

    All I really have to compare it against would be my bike. I love monsters, they look and sound amazing, but I don't know if I could ride one. It feels more like it's an effort to ride whereas the CB is smoothness personified. I still don't know if a jap v/l twin would be similarly smooth or more rough (but still enjoyable). I think the monsters roughness is part of it's character. It wouldn't be the same otherwise

    My 2c
  14. Stability, and steering effort, are also Ducati trademarks. An SV is a much easier bike to chuck around, probably more like your CB. But 'roughness', or more accurately 'primary vibration' is common to v-twins of all manufacture. You either like it or you don't, I suppose.
  15. Ducati L twins can be cantankerous beasties (just like most things Italian). While they aren't rev hungry like an in-line 4, you do have to keep the revs up to them to keep them from labouring. Also, if you don't ride very often they can be hard to start and batteries don't last long.

    If you're after something that is comfortable, then don't buy a Ducati monster, particularly the older ones. My wife has a '00 750, and it's not what I'd call comfortable, on longer rides we often swap bikes. The other thing I've noticed is that it doesn't like plodding around town at 50 or even 60.

    But, there is nothing like the sound of a Ducati L twin, particularly through a set of aftermarket pipes.
  16. One other thing that I should mention is that the 2 valve ducati engines are not particularly powerful. The 750 that sits in my garage only has 65hp (as standard), whereas I believe the SV650 has closer to 75hp.

    Even the 1100 monster isn't what some would call powerful compared to other 1000cc twins or 4's.
  17. And then there are the twins like the Suzuki M109, 1800 cc of twin that is just made for riding.
    Debaffle the exhausts, and it sounds mmmmm...

    Clean up the intakes, and it goes MMMMMMMM.

    And car drivers know you are there!
  18. Hmmm...I am looking at an M109R for my next bike.....love the arse end on them.
  19. Get a real V TWIN!!
  20. Now that's a great looking bike.