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V-Twins: Domain of the cruiser?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pertuan, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. I got off my Ps about a week ago and since then I've been thinking about what bike I'll upgrade to in the near/mid future. I currently have a Hyosung GT250. Yeah yeah... its a Hyosung. They're not all bad.

    I've ridden a few I-4 engines and they don't really inspire me. I'd much rather a V-Twin. It seems though that V-Twins are almost exclusively put into cruisers. Can anyone shed some light as to why this might be so? I'm aware that V-Twins favour low down torque rather than high end power which is what cruisers need. But why not put a V-Twin into a sporty naked?

    So far the only thing that comes close to what I'm looking for is the Harley Davidson XR1200X. If you haven't seen one yet, they are a beasty looking bike. Haven't test ridden one yet but hopefully I will soon!


  2. Sporty v-twins? Have you never heard of Ducati or Aprilia? How about Suzuki SV650/1000 or TLS/TLR? Honda VTR1000 or SP1/2?

    All are sporty twins, some naked, some 1/2 faired, some full-faired.
  3. Buell 1125CR....well just about any buell and you have a naked vtwin sportbike.
  4. I don't think they sell Buells anymore.

    But actually I was hoping on a discussion on reasons why V-Twins aren't favoured on sporty bikes. Standfast the likes of Ducati.
  5. The big four Jap brands each have websites. Open them up, and have a look at all the differing (non-cruiser) bikes with V-twins in them.
  6. Erik Buell begs to differ ;)

    Although I was behind one the other day and while it looked good, it was vibrating like a sex toy at the lights. Can't be comfortable.
  7. Sports bikes, for many years, were rated on the basis of bhp, quarter mile time and max speed. Still are by many. Anything significantly down from the best in class didn't sell. For two decades or more, best in class was always an I4. V-twins were the province of eccentrics and those rare people who could ride fast in other than a straight line.

    It's only relatively recently that mass market sporty V-twins have taken off. Certainly well inside my 20 year riding career. I'm not sure why either. Maybe riders have experienced an epiphany and realised that a decent twin will carry you as fast as any sane person could possibly want to go on a public road and even, in the right hands, a racetrack. It all seemed to start when Ducati began dusting the I4 competition in Superbikes in the late 80s.

    But whatever the reason, as pointed out by others your choices are no longer particularly limited.
  8. Get yourself a Honda VFR800 5th Generation.
    F@$K twins, once you've ridden a V4 it's all over.
  9. from my experience twins don't offer up that high end rush that i4 do.....it also feels that the speed is much slower then you are actually going, again not sure why....

    Suzuki really nailed both the 1000 and 650 vtwin.....the vtr sound better imo but don't pull as well
  10. well you put me in my place...I'll go back and sit on my 2 week old buell and cry.

    but seriously. look at manufacturors websites there are plenty of twin sport and sport touring.

    The shame is most boy racers want the max HP numbers on the stats sheet. Which of course the i4's are going to win.

    Im not a huge fan of 4's but theres a huge difference betwenn a gutless peaky 250-600 i4 and a bandit 1200 or zrx type of bikes that have tourqe and power everywhere.

    the power curve is influenced by many factors other than the number of cyclinders.
  11. Yeah just a shame that it took till this year for a decent V4 that doesnt look like a 70yo mans bike!
  12. I fixed that for you. let the flame wars begin 8-[
  13. what about the MT-01

    tractor like power delivery, but it's ok..... only a 4 is going to give you that big rev rush...

    errrrrrr hd xr1200... just walk instead


    theres a few to get started, now google away
  14. oh don't forget the ktm SD
  15. Aprilias as well.
  16. perhaps its sexily comfatable...oh yeah! feel the vibrations :p

    err sorry continue with discussion
  17. +1 For the KTM Superduke, amazing fun and will give many Jap 4's a run for there money. Or even the KTM RC8 if you want something that looks a bit sportier and goes that little bit harder (amazing prices at the min on 08 models).
    Good luck with the search!
  18. Go and try a vertical twin or a triple as well before you decide.

    There's some lovely Triumphs out there just to start with!
  19. Desmocedici anyone?

    There are PLENTY of very sporty bikes with Vtwin engines, Honda VTR SP1 springs to minds, as do all the other posted here.

    45 Degree air cooled twins are definitely the domain of the cruiser though, early Buells aside.
  20. Much as I like the Triumph triple sound.... I really do miss the V-twin and V-four sound warbling through a glasspack muffler or two. :)