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V-Twin Yamaha trail bike??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Drew, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. At the lights this morning on Montague St.

    Yamaha trail bike pulled up next to me and was surprised to see a v engine in it. i think it was a twin but a 4 is not out of the question.

    Was a black and bugundy bike if that helps at all.

    Just curious as to what is was.
  2. Was it semi-faired like an Adv bike?

    They had 750 and 850cc vtwin dakar bikes. YZET or something?
  3. sounds about right... very large tank and looked sort of like the Tenere style bikes.

    Sounded pretty good too. Had a staintune though :)
  4. Ha, yeah, the Tenere's. There was a twin cylinder Tenere. Super Tenere I think.

    Tough as nails. :twisted:
  5. yep.. dad used to own one. 600 from memory.. great lumping thing but would go anywhere 2up
  6. Interesting...

  7. That's not a V-anything though.... back to the drawing board for identification.
  8. yeah the one i saw didn't have the fairings on the side...just a screen and huuuuge fuel tank. was in A1 condition though.. looked almost new.
  9. Yammie tank on a V-Strom? ;)

  10. nah it was definately a complet package.. and circa 1990's styling or there abouts.

    was nice to look at though
  11. Was it definitely a v-twin though?
  12. definately... had 2 cylinder blocks... about a 45-60 degree twin pained black with silver fins. And rather square casting to the block.
  13. Was it a 2 stroke by any chance?

    I recall someone talking about a dual purpose bike they had imported that was a 250 2 - stroke. Based on the TZR 250 engine I think?

    These are a V twin, have the dual purpose look, and were made in the 90's

    Although they would be very rare,

    I cant remember the exact name of the bike, but will do some searching
  14. Oh yeah... the TDR250... now there was a beast :)

    50ps 2 stroke in a trail bike frame. They were _fun_ with a capital F.

    Not the easiest (or best!) thing off road, but they were fun in town.

    Think early super-motad(ish) v-twin 2 stroke and you sort of get the idea.

  15. You have ridden one? Am I correct in thinking they were never imported into Australia?

    They sound awesome, I would love one in my garage!
  16. Yes I've ridden one. A guy I know near here owned one and we did a bike swap one day. He rode my RGV250 and I rode his TDR250.

    My RGV was only a fraction quicker (and not as much fun to be honest).

    Ummm I'm not 100% sure but I have a sort of vague memory that Pitmans Yamaha (name?) (the mob who used to handle imports parallel to Yamaha Australia and looked after South Australia yamaha imports) might have brought them in (they also brought in V-Max's before Yamaha Australia did).
  17. I would like to have a ride on one,

    They sound like the bike I am after, a small,light, fast, comfortable bike.

    Good around town, fun in the twisties and can even handle a bit of dirt!

    Whats not to like?
  18. could have been the TDR but it had a much bigger tank... physical size of the bike was more mid size than 250.. even for a 90's traily... in my opinion.. only saw it far a minute or so.
  19. So I dont win the prize?

    I better keep guessing!