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V-twin naked bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by demuire, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. Okay, so the XV250 Virago is starting to umm... feel a bit small. Not so much that it doesn't have power (I know it doesn't, but it doesn't bother me too much), but more that it's really tiny, and well, it almost looks a little pathetic sitting next to just about any bike. My only consolation is that it looks better than a scooter (IMHO anyway).

    The next size up cruiser is rather out of my price range, the XVS650, VT750 etc all generally seem to sell at about the $8-10K range...

    Looking at more bikes today with a friend of mine, I'm starting to warm into the idea of a naked bike. I actually really rather like the SV650.

    What other naked bikes should I be looking at? Budget is probably up to about $6K. Maybe a tad more, but not much. Would prefer to stay under $6K if possible. Have looked at the GS500, ER-5 (both of which are okay, but the SV650 is just oh-so-much-nicer), but I think I'd prefer a V-Twin anyway. Are there any other naked V-Twin's around that price range?

  2. I dont know too much about naked bikes, you mentioned you where after a xvs650, you can pick up previous model xv's 535's-750's from the mid 90's for around 4-6k if you buy privately, they got good power too so I hear, I do know how you feel about the 250, I have one, and all my work mates keep ribbing me on how big I look on the thing :LOL: if you do want a xv crusier still, go for the 750 as there nice sized, the 535 is similar in size of the 250, sorry that the advice wasnt bout naked bikes :(
  3. The SV650 is a really nice bike but there aren't a lot of V-Twin non cruisers around (the Hyonsung is one).

    You could pick up a very tidy XV1100 for 6k though.

    Honda used to sell a 600 cruiser... the VT600C that might suit, that should be in your price range.

    Suzuki sold the 750 intruder (later become the 800), the earlier ones are in your price range.

    The problem you will have is that up until about 8 years ago Jap cruisers didn't sell very well in Australia so there aren't a lot of early ones around.
  4. Yup, have been looking out for an XV535 too. I don't really like the XV750 or XV1100 quite as much, they look a little too "chopper"-ish for me... Saw a VT750DC yesterday (blackwidow?), that's pretty cool :)

    Have been looking out for the VT600C too, and there is a Suzuki 750 in the papers for a reasonable price. I am a little worried about parts availability though, since they're rather rare (or appear to be anyway)

    I suppose part of the thing is as much as I like all the chrome on a cruiser, the "non-cruiser" thing is starting to rub off on me (that's what happens when everyone you know who rides doesn't like cruisers...), and I want to see what my options are :)
  5. from what i've read in bike magazines the sv650 is an awesome ride for a naked twin.

    have a read of some reviews on it and it may help you make up your mind.
  6. VTR1000 F
    pick a good one up second hand around 7-8K
  7. Yes, have been reading reviews left right and center, and by all accounts it sounds like an awesome bike. Hyosung GT650 appears to be a copy?
  8. vtr1000f - I don't like fairings. yet. :p
  9. Gt more a SV suzuki than a storm
    The storm is 1000 cc
    take one for a test ride and you wont want anything else .

    also go to here
    andys site , OZFIRESTORM everything you want to know about the storm
  10. Hey demuire, I will be interested to see what you find. I will be looking early next year for a naked middle weight (well i hope). The bikes i have seen (some may be more than what you want to spend). I am looking non sports bike 450 to 650.

    Monster 620 ie
    650 Comet

    Are there any other or older models/versions that are similar?
  11. One you guys have forgetten to mention is the new ER-6n which has replaced the ER-5.

    I personally prefer the ER-5 over the new ER-6 but you might have different opinion..

  12. I reckon the SV650 or the SV650S would be heaps of fun.
  13. Go for the SV650s
  14. I don't actually like the SV650S, the whole fairing thing just doesn't seem to do it for me. I prefer the SV650, and besides it's cheaper too :)

    Have had a look in the ads for the GV650, but being quite new they're still out of my budget too.

    Had a look at a real life ER-5 today at the Toyrun, and hmm, very... boring? Fits budget well though. But boring :( GS500 looks almost identical.

    I've heard the Ducati's are a little more expensive to upkeep. Else a Monster would be rather nice.

    Saw a real life VT600 today, I like. Pity they're so rare... Also saw more XV Virago's, and I think all the ones above the 535 are a bit fugly. 535 with standard pipes is ugly. But pipes can be replaced. For more money...

    Saw lots and lots and lots of other cruisers today too, for me, cruisers just have so much more character, not many naked bikes quite do it the same for me. SV650 more or less gets there though. Different, but still cool :)

    Must win lottery :p Or maybe I just need to hang out with more sports bike people and learn to like them, they seem to be cheaper :p
  15. sv650 is good. I have an 03 naked model with a small replica of a buell screen on it. good bike, nice power, etc. seat is not good however, needs work on standard. certainly worth a look I think.
  16. just thought i'd put in my twenty cents.

    As far as Vtwin sportsbikes go there are a few. naked ones are rarer though.
    Suzuki make the SV and SVS in both 650 and 1000 (SVS being the half fairing one) they also make the vstrom in 650 and 1000 i believe but theyre a bit weird for me :shock:
    Honda make the VTR1000f which is the firestorm and has a half fairing thing. they also make a VTRSP2 (or whichever number theyre up to now) but its a full fairing bike.

    then theres ducatis and aprilias but theyre expensive :p

    thats pretty much it unfortunately. yamaha and kawasaki dont make any vtwins i dont think and have inline fours in their naked bikes.

    nb: i dont know anything baout cruisers or bikes made past about this year as i'm pretty green to the riding scene. :)
  17. Not quite, the engine in the SV650 was actually developed by Hyosung. Another naked twin probably worth mentioning is the Cagiva Raptor - basically the same as the SV just a little different in terms of styling (and price - though some cheap 2nd ones do appear occasionally).
  18. I was looking at a Hyosung sitting in the middle of the pedestrian crossing as I walked passed. It had quite a pleasant exhaust note. :D
  19. As much as it's not a V-twin or even in my budget, the FZ6N is a rather cool bike :)
  20. Had a look at the Hyosung GT650 Comet today, gee it's a rather nice bike... Sat on it too, and I recon I could probably get used to it...

    Also sat on the GV250 cruiser, and it feels bucketloads bigger and better than the Virago, and for not much more money at all... Resale value probably not as good though, but just looking at it I couldn't really fault the build quality...