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v strom workover

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Brendo, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Have recently purchased a dl650 & am planning to embark on a mission to make it more friendly on dirt. I've been surfing all the web sites but can't find anyone from oz that has done the treatment, TK did work on one in TW's but an unable to find anything specific, any clues would be appreciated

  2. Barkbusters, different suspension? Dirt tyres.

    Thats the obvious I suppose..

    Perhaps the dirt gurus can advise.
  3. Welcome Brendo

    For a start, get some TKC 80 tyres and drop the front sprocket by a tooth. Then get some crash bars and a bash plate.

    Doubt you can increase suspenion travel too easily - but these guys would know a thing or two.... hours of reading click here

    And you can check the Aussie section of the above for a few local guys who ride their Stroms off-road, but everyone pretty much posts about their bikes in the above link....
  4. First off what do you want to do to make it better?
    If you plan heaps of dirt riding it may not be the best choice for mods.
    You'll always be stuck with the DL weight.
  5. The weight is comparable to other more dirt orientated twins.

    Sure you can always shed some weight, but if you want a twin, the DL's a good start.

    Not doubting there are better trail bikes, but for smooth dirt, the Strom's hard to beat