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V-Strom (LAMS) vs full power

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Julles, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Has anyone, by any chance, rode the two and could tell me what's the difference ? (not on paper).

    The thing is, I can buy a LAMS approved V-Strom and just wondering if I should make the move or not. If yes, I will want to keep it for years to come due to budget restrictions :)

    When I say years, I'm thinking at least 100.000 Km's. Would I get frustrated on the fact that's underpowered ? Can you feel that ?
  2. Yes, you can feel it. Would you be satisfied with it for 100k kays? I dunno.... Would you? Only you can answer that question.

    The difference is above 7000rpm. Below that the LAMS and non-LAMS feel pretty well the same.

    It's the sort of motor, in the sort of bike, where you're not always revving the arse out of it to get around. So pottering about using that torque curve, may very well do what you want day in day out and keep you satisfied for years to come.
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  3. I wasn't aware of that. Thank you.

    I don't get my thrills from speed so I don't really care about top end speed.
  4. WKD60's answer was spot on. My ex had a LAMS Gladius (naked bike v-strom engine) and after years of riding litre plus bikes, the only time I ever wanted more power from hers was when I was out playing and wanted to overtake another motorcycle. It just strangled a little bit but I was pushing pretty hard.

    If you are just going to ride it around I doubt it would be too annoying, but as suggested only you can answer of for sure.
  5. Good thing about the LAMS bike, it depreciates less.
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    If your talking about keeping it for 100,000kms, you'd be mad not to spring a few more $$$ on the unrestricted version. Assume that you are unrestricted? Else this whole thread is somewhat meaningless.
  7. :)

    I am on my LAMS and was thinking of keeping my current bike for 2 more years until LAMS is over or to get a V-Strom and stay with it until it dies. As far as I read, the LAMS version does not differ that much from the full powered one, except on top end which I don't care.

    So .... without further ado, I present my new purchase :)

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    You work fast!

    I have bad news for you though...

    At 100,000 KM's, a DL650 is nowhere near dead. You will have to push atleast 400,000 km's if you want to give a it a good crack.
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  9. I've been contemplating upgrading my bike for 8 months, and still cant make up my mind. You've managed it in about 8 hours. Way to go.
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  10. #10 Julles, Nov 16, 2015
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    Will do that then :)

    Well I've been going back and forth for the last 2 weeks when I made my mind that I want to change the bike.

    I was going to buy the DR650, then the 3'rd gear thing came up so I gave up that idea, the KLR seemed a very good option because of budget but I had a chat with my wife when I was ready to go for a KLR and we decided that an ABS would be the safer option and the wiser decision as it is cheaper for us to keep me out of a possible hospital than the $2000 difference.

    Not very straight fwd as you may think, my wife had enough of my bikes :D
  11. very nice Julles! :) .....please let us know what you think of it when you have ridden it for a few k's!
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  12. That's a hot looking bike. Well done. LAMS bikes have plenty of torque for tootling around and, as you've said, if you're not intending on hitting Rossi-like speeds, I don't think you'll be missing the full blown version too much.
  13. My non-LAMS DL650 rarely goes over 7000 rpm, so it probably won't really bother you. It may affect you on overtaking on highways, but otherwise you won't really notice it. If you were thinking 650 after LAMS anyway, rather than going a 1000 route, then I say get it. You will have 40,000 on it by the time your LAMS is up.

    Nice purchase, and enjoy it!
  14. Hehe ... thank you guys ... feeling the love :)

    Can't wait to get it, in 2 days time (RWC needs to be done).

    Now, I'm in the market for a cheap/reliable insurance. Anyone ?
  15. All right, after 1000km on my new bike I can provide some feedback as to the top end power.

    It really goes, it goes really well to about 7500rpm after which the power it's just not there. I have no issues getting the bike to 150 km/h as fast as a V8 but that's about it. It can probably goes to 200 but after 150 it's slow.

    It suits me perfectly as I am doing speed limits all the time and the low end power is plentiful, more than anyone would ever need in normal circumstances. I plan on keeping this for at least 200.000km's
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  16. So Julles, one year on (and several hundred k's) are you still loving your LAMS Vstrom or has the limited top end become an issue? I'm a returned RE rider already on a LAMS bike and wondering whether a restricted vstrom might be a safe, smart move for me. The better resale might be good too. Seriously, who needs to do more than 150kph? I got that out of my system in my younger days and survived.