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V-Strom 650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Askal, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. Anyone here own one? What do you think? How comfortable is the seat for 500KM days? Any dissapointments? I'm thinking about buying the 650.
    Thanks Al :)

  2. Strom owners are multiplying venerially on Netrider.

    And they love 'em. Paging Marty, Glitch, Carver, etc...

    These are some serious long distance riders.
  3. Being from the US I think you should take a read of what others are saying about them.

    By all accounts I hear they make an excellent distance tourer. If you post over their tell them Davo happy aussie said hi
  4. Is that because Aussies think bigger is better maybe, nothing wrong with the Wee Strom or so I hear and read. I went riding with some guys from Brisbanebikers on Tuesday, mostly 600's. Not much need for more CC's for most riders. Most can't fully use the power of a 600 sports bike let along a Busa or R1. Guys on Tuesday rode very well.
  5. Glitch wrote up a huge review here. I just can't seem to find it.
  6. Sorry, Glitch_oz posted it on a different forum :)


  7. Umm you posted underneath yourself :p
  8. I do that fairly frequently, and will be the first to admit I can't ride :)
  9. I’ve got a 650, so far it has been great. Yesterday the missus and I did a 220KM day, the only reason we stoped was we were home again.

    The only complaint I really know is some have buffeting from the screen being to small, all I did to make mine bearable was to chock the bottom of the screen out about ¼ of an inch. If you really want to do some research try here http://11109.rapidforum.com it’s a V-Strom specific forum
  10. I thought I had better add that we were home again because it was the end of the loop :( , I should have taken the other road that was about another 100K's :roll:
  11. I was looking into buying a DL650 as well, but none of the dealers want to do test rides, and I dont want to buy a bike I've never tried to ride!
  12. Check around for any 2.hand Stroms at dealers, whereas they might be reluctant to stick a dealers-plate on a brand-new one (with possibly NO assurance of a likely sale), they seem to be much easier on 2.hand bikes.
    To get an impression, it'll be good enough.
  13. Seat is fine for 500km days.
    Majority of owners don't seem to have issues there at all (of course, there are ALWAYS some, who.....)
    for bucketloads of info.
    The 650 seat is 20mm lower than the seat of the 1000. If you're tall, swapping the 650-seat through the newsgroups is easy.
    Only problem that most owners seem to have is with the screen (ANY model, ANY year). By now, there must be at least 3dozen different screens from a dozen different manufacturers (most of them o/s, but also some locally).
  14. The Stroms are weird in that respect....Cbaileys have a whole range of screens for the 650/1000s by now...and many owners who've bought one/ some are still not happy with them. Givi makes some screens/ so does MRA Germany....some owners have tried a half-dozen different screens are are still hanging for something to fix the buffetting-problem.
    Seems to be a very individual thing, helmets make a diffrence, too, body-size and shape etc etc.
    There's a lively trade/ merry-go-round going on in the owners-groups.

    ive just bought a 650 Vstrom would appreciatte hearing from owners of them and if they have had any problems along the way
  16. <volume=high><pitch=high>
  17. Glitch's report is very informative.
    Sounds like the go for long distances and adventure.