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V-Strom 650 tyre options

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Mick M, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Hi there,

    My wee-strom is currently shod is Anakee 2, which are Ok on the road and sort of Ok off it.
    I'll shortly be shopping for replacements and looking at all 60/40 options. Yep, there's a few.

    Some adv forums suggest that a TKC80 front with a Scout K60, or Mitas E07/E09 rear seems to work well.
    Shino 705's rears are pretty cheap, but wear very quickly. Some apparently have a nasty habit of shedding tread blocks.

    All opinions are welcome, but ones based on experience/knowledge are truly sought after.
    Fire away, troops...

  2. Hey Mick, one of the plans with my thou was to wrap it in Mitas E07's front and rear as it would give pretty reasonable road and off road capabilities for what I hopefully end up doing with the bike.

    From the riders I've talked to, Midas and TKC seems to be a popular choice and yes, a few people have said to stay away from Shino's. I have read that the higher you go up in the Midas (E09, E10) you can expect quite a bit of a shorter life if you do a decent chunk of road on them.

    Not much help I guess, but you can check out the Stromtroopers forums, it is VStrom specific and there is a wealth of info on it.
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  3. So far, I've had the Deathwings, 2 sets of Anakee 3's, Metz Tourance and now E-07's. I must admit that I can lean into a corner so much better with the E-07's on black top, haven't tried them in the wet but I heard that they can be a bit of a tete twister! They can be fun off road, pretty twitchy with road psi and marble like gravel and I found that I was fish tailing quite a bit which I thought was fun. I'll need to try them with mid 20 psi off road.
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  4. Bloody zol.

  5. Pirelli MT21 on the front, for stability on the dirt & surprisingly good grip on the tar.

    Mitas E07 on the rear, good 50/50 tyre.

    This combination is used by my mates and myself, 2 x tiger XCX, 1 x Wee strom & my DR650; i got onto this via the Advrider website and seem to return to this combination after trying other set ups.

    The E07 does square off, isn't fantastic in mud or deep sand, for this you need full knobbies fitted, however, the E07 does the job.

    I'll get between 10-15k out of the E07, as knobbies on the tar give me 3k-5k. For the price, they‘re good value.
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  6. Looking at my 1000 yesterday (and the DR) I think I'm almost due for tyres on both. The Strom has done 15000km on the stock battlewings, the poor DR has only done about 2000km on the knobbies.

    I'm thinking E07 on the back for the Strom, not sure about the front, I don't do a lot of dirt on the strom so longevity on tar is more of a priority. For the DR I've been told that Mefo Explorers are good for the rear and 605's for the front for decent tar and dirt, though again, I don't forsee a lot of dirt on the DR, it's more of a work commuter really (almost tempted to motard it up hehe)
  7. It's the question that never has an answer. I wish it was as easy as pushing a button, and those road tyres would lose pressure and develop knobbies, and then another push of a button, and you are back to higher pressures and road tyres.
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  8. Hey piker, you still ride motorcicle?
  9. How do change gears again?
  10. You don't, you dct it.
  11. Decision made.

    Friday week - a TKC70 is going on the rear - It's new to market and I'm happy to volunteer as a guinea pig. Great looking hoop.
    The shop promises significantly more traction all-round compared to a barely legal, 5y.o Anakee 2, and that's good enough for me.

    When the front wears out in a couple of months - a TKC80 will join in the fun. That ought to tie the front down, facilitating some rear end slides in the dirt. Yay.

    We'll see how that combo works. I might share my experiences in different riding conditions, as the tyres wear.
    Stay tuned.
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