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V-Star XVS950A or V-Star XVS1100A. Do you own one?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by GungaDin, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. A few questions.....
    Considering these 2 new....but know zero about their payloads.

    Belt drive, any good?

    Does the 17L tank piss you off?

    Range before hitting reserve?




    Have you fitted a speedometer to the bars because you use a tank bag?

    Has the 950 got enough grunt to haul a big guy and a load of camping equipment? (no pax)
    Payload of the xvs950?

    Will the price of 2009 models drop in January 2011?

    Ok, some dumb questions, but I haven't lived full time in Aus for 40 years.
    Please bear with me. Next Redshit rally in BKK, I'm gone after 10 years! :)

    Before you ask, I have full MC licences from Aus & the UK,
    my last bike was an XS1100...... I loved that bike more than my (ex) wife! :angel: :-w

    Have Qld coppers still got the IQ of a dog biscuit?

    Thanks for any replies...


  2. I went for the XVS1300.
    After riding the 950, the floorboards scrape everywhere, and by that i mean you can get them to scrape by weaving side to side in one lane on the highway, a hard corner will see the pin on the underside dig in and throw you off. Also lacked the grunt you will need on a big bike.
    The 1100 is nice, handles well and has enough grunt to get by, probably a bit shorter and you will tend to sit a bit higher.
    I loved the 1300. handles great, comfortable (I ride to coonabarraban from home, about 7 hours easy) ton of power. Fuel wise I get about 260 -280 kms before i get a fuel light on, then about 60 kms till it runs out. I got 15000 from the rear tyre and 25000 from the front.
    The speedo is bar mounted, the carry weight is about 210 kg.
    Have a good look at the 1300, but take them all for a test ride first, everyone has different tastes
  3. Thanks fatty.
    I hadn't considered the 1300 because of price.
    My budget is $16000 tops and fuel costs, but will look again & check out the 1300.
    I want to see more of my country before I fall off my perch. :nopity:

    Good post, just the kind of info I need. (y)

    edit: the 2010 model has the speedo on the tank, 2009 on the bar?