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V-Star owners - exhaust reference when buying from US

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Bluesuede, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. The following applies to owners of the 1100 V-Stars and does not apply to the 650

    Hi guys,

    As per this thread, where I encountered issues buying a custom exhaust from the US, I thought I'd create a general thread for other V-Star owners to be aware of differences in regions when buying custom exhausts.

    If you have a V-Star model (Classic OR Custom) dating 2004 onwards, beware when buying custom pipes from the US. In California in 2004-2005 and then the rest of the US from 2006 onwards, the US release model has been produced with a different exhaust and a different mount that here in Australia. If you buy, for example, custom pipes advertised to fit any 2007 model (this is more the case with slip on pipes), unless they come with their own custom mount, they WILL NOT fit.

    This is what the more recent US models come with - note the mounting points.


    This following diagram (labeled as a US 2003 release) is identical to what current models are released with in Australia. Note that they have different mounting points to the above diagram:


    So my advice to you is that if you are after a custom exhaust for your V-Star, and you have a 2004 model or newer, take care when ordering! Full systems will generally come with their own exhaust mount and will direct you to remove the stock mount. Slip ons like Vance and Hines come with their own custom mount and also direct you to remove the stock mount. Slip ons by Cobra, Jardine and others will use the stock mount and won't fit.

    If you order slip ons for a more recent V-Star you should be safe if you buy a custom pipe model that states it suits model years 1999-2005 (and states it doesn't fit CA 2004-2005 models) as these earlier US release models use the same mounting method as Australian current models.

    So in summary:

    When buying exhausts from the US -

    1. Check which model year they state they suit. If they state they suit all models from 99 onwards, they are likely to come with their own custom mount and should fit all Australian releases
    2. If they state they suit model years 2006-2008 and CA 2004-2005, they will not fit current release Australian models
    3. If they state they suit model years 1999-2005 (excluding CA 2004-2005) they should suit all current Australian release models
    4. DOUBLE CHECK mounting instructions for the custom exhaust you are looking at. If you can't find any, then if necessary, contact the manufacturer as to which US model year it suits and whether it comes with a custom exhaust mount or whether it uses the stock exhaust mount.
    5. Verify how your own exhaust is mounted to the frame!

    Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for the extra info Bluesuede.

    Glad the pipe saga ended well for you. :grin:
  3. Thanks for that!

    I have a new 2008 1100 custom. And am seriously looking at buying some new pipes, so this information is very handy for me, thanks. There are so many different pipes to choose from in the US for this model.
  4. Nice info!

    So what you are saying is the "97-03 YAMAHA XVS650 V-STAR/DRAG STAR / 04-05 NON-CA" should be fine for my '04 XVS650A?

    Which online store did you buy from?

  5. I won't guarantee the 650 as the research I did was for the 1100, but it should be the same deal. Emission laws changed in the US at that time to meet the California laws and required a different exhaust on the V-Star to our local release. Here the model has remained essentially unchanged since the late nineties, but check on the manufacturer's site for mounting instructions which should give you a diagram to match.

    I bought from cruisercustomizing.com.

  6. Great link, I just bought some for AU$340!

    And two hours after completing the order Jardines responded to my question (from a weeka ago) so it seems I have the correct ones. :D
  7. Hi guys, thanks for the info Bluesuede. Unfortunately I did not come across it until it was too late, CC aren't being as kind to me, asking that I return pipes at my own expense (adding more cost to otherwise cheap pipes...).

    I have come up with a second solution for those like me that have already fallen into this trap if return is not an option, part number 4TR-21460-10-00 is for the current US model muffler stay, straight bolt onto the frame and your non fitting pipes should bolt straight on :)

    I should also mention it took me 5 calls to CC and an email to Cobra (manufacturer of my pipes) to get anyone to believe me when I said they didn't fit, Cobra copy and pasted the install instructions in a reply and straight out told me I was doing it wrong! CC also didn't believe there was any difference in the US/AU models, got sick of hearing "You need to reuse the stock head pipe" :mad:
  8. This topic was the final reason why I ordered my pipes from an AU source. Cost savings were tempting, but I bit the bullet and paid $649AUD.
  9. Awesome price Jaz, well done!
  10. Glad to hear this thread is still proving useful :)

    Oh and with the Aussie dollar the way it is, there's never been a better time to order this stuff from the US ;)