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V-Star 650C

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Gurbachen, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Hi all, i'm trying to decide on a bike and i've been looking at the XVS650C, but there's slim-pickings in Victoria (at least without a god-awful paint job) and this ad caught my eye, but is that too much to pay?

    http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik...430 1429 1428 4294967267 4294958433&silo=1400

    According to this site (http://www.nadaguides.com/Motorcycles/2005/Yamaha/XVS65AT-C-V-STAR-CLASSIC-649cc/Standard-Equipment) the RRP is $5900, though that is of course a guide and it's for the US, but is $8000 too much for that bike? How much do they go for brand new?

  2. They cost around 11k new.
    If it's good nick, and you like it that much, should be a good bye.
  3. $8k is probably a bit over the top for a 6 year old bike, but it does have low km's and only one owner, so has probably been looked after.

    Add in the windscreen and saddlebag supports, it's probably not too bad a buy. Perhaps try to get them to throw in the saddlebags also.

    I have the same in a 2010 model and it's a great bike...........so I'm probably a bit biased!

  4. i had an 03 model on my Ls in white... awesome bike loved it... i put some vance and hines on sounded unreal .. the only bad point about them is they dont like DROP SAWS to be fallen on the tank area lol lol ...
  5. Dammit! I was intending to use it solely for the transport of drop saws! Crap!
  6. old man had his drop saw on a mezanie floor .. bike was parked under it.. floor gave way.. woke up at 2am to a loud bang to find my tank had been flatted speedo fuked and fuel everywhere... was not happy:nopity:
  7. Man that sucks, although if you've gotta go, a drop saw from the ceiling is probably the kindest...

    or not, whatever
  8. XVS 650 = Really nice, and easy bike although can be be a little heavy at the lights. I reckon the price on the link is a little over the top, but when I was looking for mine, these bikes really seem to hold their value second hand. If you looking brand new I would say $10.5k ish or new near from a dealer $9k upwards.
  9. introduce yourself to a few Yammy dealers and ask them to give you a call if anyone trades one in. Probably spot-on and ray quincey too.
  10. I am interested in a 650 Yammie cruiser for heather, To put a chair on it,

    Even learners can ride a chair,

    Brand new, ride away, in Dandenong from a dealer, $10.300-00.

    Second hand they are asking 8 or 9 grand,

    10 year old. Still 7 or 8 grand,
  11. Deadman, with that much of a difference between new and second hand, I'd probably go for new.
    But of course to some, that difference means a lot...

    Still, the V-star is a lot of cruiser for the money....
  12. When I got mine there was $600 difference a brand new one and a second hand one, guess which one I got? lol
  13. The second hand one, Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha