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V Star 650 V&H Short Shots

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by austy, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. Fitted these babies Friday night. 'Tis like having a new bike :)




  2. Looks awesome! Wish I could get a set of short shots for my '02!
  3. I ended up getting the 'quite' baffles for my short shots. the noise got too much to ride with without earplugs.

    I took the baffle material off them, so they are still loud, but without the harshness that they had.

    Click here for pictures.
  4. Yeah I have the quiet baffels in mine as well, think they'd be too loud for me without them in. But man I love the look of them, I am always getting comments now.
  5. Looks sweet buddy. What did they cost? got a few mates with same bike as yours
  6. I know of a few that have also fitted Jardine pipes and they are very happy. On my M50 they make a big difference, both in terms of sound and torque.
  7. Some dealers retail them at about $750, zpower list them at $660ish (don't quote me), but my local shop looked after me and went lower than that again.

    You can buy them off the shelf in the US for anywhere between $280USD and $320USD, plus about $130USD in shipping. I cbf waiting two weeks for them, and also wasn't hell bent on using my Visa overseas (yeah i know, i know - it's safe, and there's always paypal etc... just didn't feel good about it)

    So the fellas at Roy Hill Yamaha Shepparton got them in for me - had them in my hands two days after ordering. Yeah, they're bloody loud. I even push my bike across the road each morning before starting it to be fair to the neighbours (I leave home at about 6ish). Still, it's amazing how cars just move right over to the left side of the lane now :D

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    I put the same pipes on my bike about a month an a half ago.
    I made a video and wacked it up on youtube if anyone is interested to see the comparison to the stocks. Be warned, the sound quality does not to these pipes justice, they sound absolutely awesome
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    By the way, I got mine for $650.00 on sale as MCA in Liverpool http://www.mcas.com.au
  10. Hi guys,
    1st time poster here, Saw this thread and thought id add to it.
    I have a 650 Classic and got the V&H shortshots on it 2 weeks ago, bolstered it up further with a Kuryakyn Hypercharger too, got it for a steal for 300 bucks on ebay, heres a few photos.

    EDIT: i cant post links yet, sorry. anyway im really happy with it.

    I really like the new pipes, was really impressed with the standard airbox, having the hypercharger makes it even better. Im in the middle of tuning the carbys for it still to make it better, already enlarged the main jets and moved the needles in the carbs, but she still runs a tad rich, you can see the staining on my axel cover in the last pic.
    Ive only had this config for a week so if anyone has tuning tips let me know!

    PS. apologys for poor qual photos, used my camcorder, was handy at the time.

  11. How long did it take to replace the old for the new
  12. Allow an hour to fit. Just make sure that the bolts are matched to the correct holes before fitting as the threads are similar.
  13. Not long at all,ah.Alittle worried about the hole/thread settings though.Especially if your getting the pipe from across the way,you know what I mean.
    Thanks riding eagle.
  14. The parts that come with the pipes will all fit. You need to reuse the 2 bolts that hold the original exhaust bracket on. So keep these aside to bolt on the new bracket for the V&H's. It is just that they are very similar in thread size but they are not the same.

    Also, have on hand some good quality Alan Keys as the manifold bolts are likely to be tight.
  15. Nice.

    Are you guys using a torque wrench when fitting your pipes?
  16. There is nothing that requires torquing when you do this.
  17. OK thanks, I just assumed that the shop manual specified 14.5 ft-lb for the two bolts at the head of each pipe for the sake of the gasket there.
  18. Then maybe there is, although it is only the rear cylinder that the pipe needs to come off at the header, and they are secured with Allen Key bolts, so I am not sure how you could torque them. Is there a tool that can?

    The lower pipe is just a slip on that joins just with a clamp ring where the original is joined.