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V-Star 6-fiddy

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by tubbsy, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Had her all of 3 hours now. She's purdy! Def gonna need earplugs with this one.
    Sounds like a much bigger bike. How do I post video here?

  2. Most will upload to youtube the post the link.
  3. #3 tubbsy, Oct 21, 2010
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    Got the link, but can't see how to embed in the forum.

  4. Nice bike mate - I've got a white one :)

    Nice grips too!

    What pipes are they?
  5. I love your bike and been looking at getting one myself.i only just found out that i like cruisers after riding a Rocket III. Oh and it sounds nice too.
  6. Cheers mate. They're Vance and Hines pipes. Pretty loud, maybe too loud, but oh well. Sounds wicked.
  7. Cheers, been wanting a cruiser since I was 12, so for about 22 years now
  8. Beautiful bike...want one myself...V&H pipes sounds awesome...screw the neighbours, loud is good !!! =D>
  9. This man has taste!!!!!!!

    Congrats mate, those look exactly like the ones I was eying at BikeBiz, down to the hypercharger.

    Ive got a white custom with Jardine's myself.
  10. They really are wicked bikes, love mine already, bring on the weekend!!!!!
  11. How can you not love a classic 650? they are absolutely gorgeous.
  12. I've got V&H Short Shots Staggered with a hypercharger....

    Yours pipes seem to look a little different (googles, ok they are "Cruzers")

    Yep - they sound awesome don't they?

    I ended up putting the optional "quiet baffles" in mine to tone it down it bit. It still sounds loud and awesome but it's a little less 'sharp'.

    Love the pop when you roll off the throttle!
  13. Nice bike, wish they had LAMS when I went for my L's.
    Since your obviously still on restrictions ( otherwise you would have bought the 950 or bigger) and your not allowed to take pillions.....I'd remove the pillion seat and put on a sleek chrome fender luggage rack, they look sweet :) and it makes your bike just that little bit different from everyone else's.
  14. Not sure what kind they are mate, just know they are loud. I haven't actually had much of a chance to properly have a look round it etc, this weekend. :D

    That pop is pretty cool, first bike I've owned where I needed earplugs, what kind do you use? Have the coppers had anything to say about your pipes?
  15. No mate, I'm on a full licence. Just went for this because it's more manouverable round town and good on the open road.

    Thinking about removing the pillion seat though as I prefer to ride alone anyway. Hmmmmmm, all those that have pics of V-Stars, post em if you got em. (y)
  16. They are beautiful bikes.
  17. THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout!!! Good DOF too mate, whoever took those, knows their cameras.

    Hmmmm....itching to get on my bike now.....got a ride on tomorrow up to Gosford.....looking forward to getting some good piccies.
  18. Beautiful bike Luke.

    Do the hyperchargers make any difference?
  19. I had the hypercharger put on when new - so I've never ridden it without.

    I did swap the exhaust back to stock for an EPA inspection - and that DID make a difference. A little less power with the stock exhaust. I assume the hypercharger makes even more difference.