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V Star 1100 or 1300?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by vossy53, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Hi members thinking of pleasing the wife since my ride to Adelaide. Riding a tourer but the wife thinks she would be more comfortable on a cruiser. Love your comments on the above choice. Have a Blessed and Safe Christmas.

  2. Well there's this neat trick you can do with your tongue... sorry that was too easy I had to.
  3. My wife thinks the same thing...
    But that the trouble, she thinks but does not know as she won't try.....
  4. Do you mean you're looking to trade your tourer for a cruiser or get her a cruiser of her own to ride with you?
  5. ...be more comfortable WITHOUT the wife no matter what you ride!

    OR, if it were just her going...don't forget to cut the brake line!
  6. 1300 more comfy tho.
  7. I own a 1300 Tourer model here in the states, it has a huge windscreen and some nice leather covered ABS sidebags. The 1300 models before 2010 had some minor issues such as an infrequent clunk from the fork springs, the bars were too wide and too far forward and the engine ran too lean.

    My 2009 had no clunks, I installed a Rox Riser kit, then I made my own oxygen sensor cheat resistor installation so it now has the right air fuel ratio. Angled the windshield back helps. The 1300 is water cooled you know but you really don't see that right away, it looks just like a regular air cooled V-twin.
    The bike just loves cruising along all day at 60mph or more, I think the sweet spot on mine is near 65, and when I tossed the Dunlops and went with Metzelers the ride felt a lot better. I know of several female riders that upgraded from a 950 to the 1300, its a decent tourer though I have not done any long distance riding on mine. I knew a bloke online from the UK who bought one and traveled across the lower 49 and then on up to my area in Alaska and then sold the bike to the same store I bought mine, I followed his journey and he said it gave him no problems at all, the engine looks like a real keeper and has a lot of potential. And it is belt drive but by all means do NOT torque it to the specs from Yamaha! way too tight.
    I am 215 lbs and this bike feels just right for me, it sits low and with some seat work and a lowering kit even short people can easily control it. If you buy used like around 2009 you should check about installing a different set of bars like from a later year or from the Royal Star Tour Deluxe, they have more pullback.
  8. I've got an '06 V Star 1100 classic. My biggest ride on it is 900km in two days, which I wrote about here:


    I love the 1100. Air cooled and has never missed a beat in 15,000km's that I have owned it for. I am trying to convince my wife to upgrade her 250 to one of these as well. It cruises easily, and eats up the long k's. I don't know how good they are on the back seat. I would suggest trying both out from a dealer.