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V-Star 1100 2001-Improvement needed for long trip

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Zoli, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. Hi,
    I am planning for a OZ trip worth 19000kms next April and in need of some advices to upgrades my below Rita (V-Star 1100).
    She is currently run around 120kms with full tank, is it normal for her or a bit too much?
    She is mostly a stock bike with nothing added, what should i consider to upgrade or add to her in order to prepare for a long trip?

    Thanks you and have a good day
  2. 120kms seems a little thirsty for a 17L tank, upgrading the tank or adding a bladder to get at least a 200-250km range would be vital as some fuel stops are quite spaced out.

    -Heated grips are nice if you plan to travel in the rain or mornings.
    -Good set of harder touring tyres.
    -Sheepskin seat
    -Good custom earplugs
  3. There is a 300 km stretch up near Broome. You need to carry fuel. However, you should be getting better than that from your vstar. My 2006 does about 190 until the reserve, and about 240 all up. Get it serviced.
  4. Custom or classic ?
    With windscreen ?
    What height & weight are you ?

    My 2007 custom normally gets about 250km to reserve, but loaded for a trip, with pillion and windscreen, then economy drops to about 220km.
    That's per 14 litres of standard unleaded.

    I'd second the call on a sheepskin, too keep the butt happy.
    I'm 6 foot, and for longer rides I'd like to fit forward controls. Just 2 - 4 inches to make it a little more comfortable.
    I have heated grips, which are really nice on a cold morning. I've also got a custom screen, but I only use it for long trips.

    What about baggage ? Do you have a rack or panniers ?
    Panniers are handy to help keep the weight lower on the bike, but make sure you can get them on and off easily while empty or fully loaded.
  5. Hey zoli, put up a welcome message and tell us a bit more about you.
    Whereabouts are you based ?
  6. 120k doesn't seem right at all, as middo suggested, get it serviced before going on the trip.
  7. Hi,
    Sorry for late reply. Actually i have never try to run past 125kms so i am not actually know how far i can go with full tank. My bike does not have any kind of fuel measurement so i just dont want to push the big fat lady all the way. It is already been serviced by The Westside Motorcycles few months back.
    Stever42Stever42: It is a classic V-Star. No windscreen so far but i am planning to install one since i have 2 in a garage. I am around 6ft1 and 95 kg. I am planning not have both Rack and Panniers or even Towing. Or the best is with a car so i can put some supply on it.
    I am 29, from Melbourne. Nice to meet you all.
  8. Hi Zoli,
    • Fill your tank
    • Reset trip meter
    • Run until next refill
    • Fill tank again to the same level it had in the first step and note the amount of fuel you put in. = Refill Volume and the distance travelled Distance.
    • Tank size is 17 litres (I believe) ??
    • So Range = 17 x Distance/Refill Volume
    Take 20k or so off the calculated range for safety and you should be OK.
  9. Thank cjvfr, will try that soon. I just refill after 120 km and feel my bike's power is going down abit.
  10. Sheepskin seat? is it even weather proof?
  11. It is even legal in Australia for motorbike towing?
  12. No but they are good on your bum for longer distances. I have one, when you are moving along the slipstream tends to keep the pillion area behind you dry. When I stop I thow a plastic cover over it.

    Yes bike trailers are legal. I have seen some guys getting around with very sophisticated ones that open into a tent.


  13. Hi Cjvfr/Chirs,
    Thanks you for all of your answer. I also thinking of made a Power outlet to charge my GPS or phone on the road as well for a long ride.
    Secondthing," Next years multistate meetup will be March 12th, 13th and 14th 2016." <--sound interesting enough. more infor please?
    I am think of heading to my mechanic now to ask for windshield installment.
  14. Having a power outlet is definitely worthwhile when touring. GPS units generally don't have a long battery life so its best to run them off the bikes power.

    The multistate meetup has been a not very regular event but we are trying to make in annual. This year we hired a hotel in Jindabyne which is about half way between Sydney and Melbourne. Traveled up the first day had some drinks and a chinwag, did a days riding the next day, had a BBQ that night and travailed home on the third day. I will probably run it at the same hotel again this year.

    Below is the link to the thread on this years ride.

    [Mar 7, 2015] The Second Not Very Annual Netrider Multi State Meetup. (NSW)