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V squad recruits a new member LOL

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Caz V1, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. And look at that grin, I don't see that big a grin when he rides his 'Busa :LOL: :LOL: :p
    Now to find a spot for Bundy :wink:


  2. :LOL:

    woo hoo!!!

    V squad lives!!

  3. Tex struggles to find the ideal riding position :p
  4. hahahaha

    I'd like to see that in real time lol

    Perhaps you could stick Bundy where this couple carry their loved one , ignoring the squiding ...of course

  5. :woot: recruitment time :LOL:
  6. Linky no worky. Cool looking beaver though.

    And what the hell is the V squad? :p
  7. V Twin riding Netriders.

    Not sure if VFR riders are ellegable for membership
  8. that means im in this club??
    i hope i have enough 1700cc is enough to join
  9. er, no, V squad = Virago riding riders... but I believe Caz as V1 has shown discretion... I think the thread where this was born was called Virago country or some such.

  10. ahh crap..... but they are both yamaha's does that count??
    oh come on let me join :cry: :cry:

  11. You got it almost right Rob :wink:
    what actually happened, was after the 06GP when a certain ducati/VTR riding NSW memeber pillioned Rosie around PI for the weekend on her Virago, he gained a soft spot for them, and wanted to join in the fun.
    Then one night he stooged Rosie into getting Vic to give him V accreditation by saying he'd spoken to me and gained approval, Rosie being the sweet gullible person she is believed him and obliged. :LOL:

    Initially it was for Virago owner riders only, but now we include enthusiast wanna be riders too, cos they all know how much fun the little V's are :p

    So, Troy, if ya wanna join, you have to have ridden a Virago,
    I'll swap keys with ya anytime for a blat/ initiation :LOL: :wink: :twisted:
  12. . . . . YEAH, and you must have photographic evidence ! ;)


  13. Cool photo Micky! I don't think I've seen that one before. :) I'm still V7 - even though my name doesn't have it ;)

    Caz! I just sat down to read the local paper and guess who's in there. Pic of Tex and Bundy on the Barry Sheene ride. Do you want me to hold onto it for him? :)
  14. yes please, that would be great. :)
    is there a write up too by any chance?

    And..... how did Audrey like the photo, did it get taken to show n tell?