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V-Squad 4LYFE ! LOL

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. So !
    When will nixon-chic, countrycruiser, dimi and other members of the V-Squad going to be available ???? :grin:

    V1, V7 and V9 got some Virago-lovin happening ! :LOL:




  2. lol micky i hear you want to buy one :LOL:
  3. sure do !!!
    and we also had a vote !

    Only one non-Virago member allowed !

    That counts your V10 proposal out !!! hahahahaha
    The V-twin rule is only allowed to one non-Virago owner !! :p
  4. open to qlders????????
  5. hmmmmm !

    Have to ask Commander in Cheif self elected presidenté Caz V1 ! :p
  6. haha,

    we are open to bribes ya know! :wink: :LOL:
    besides, we have 3 honorary members now....
    Micky, Ktulu and Scrambles, all passed the initiation process over the WSBK weekend with flying colours.

    Any future members will need to go through a similar initiation on our trip away to Bright :p :cool:
    V squad member numbers may be allocated to "prospects"in the meantime but will not become fully fledged until the Bright weekend :cool:


    pirate2. pirate3. pirate1. pirate5. pirate4.
  7. Automatic entry is standard for all Virago owners/riders regardless of origin :cool:

    and who knows, one day i may be able to participate in an initiation process too......
  9. Awwww shux :oops: how nice to be thought of & I missed ya's too :wink:

    I am sooooo jealous :twisted: to see & hear of how much fun you had without me :roll: but fingers crossed for next time, work & $$ permitting.

    Maybe one day we will be able to get that elusive pic of the all the V Squad members together :cool: or we could just photoshop :LOL:
  10. lol tell that to duff
  11. Heather..... you should come away with us to Bright on the 31st of march to party up for my 40th :!: :idea: :wink: :cool:
    I promise no bridges :wink:
  12. Luv the idea but I cant promise, $$ pretty tight lately amongst other crap, just have to see how it all goes if it falls into place or not :? At worst might just meet you all somewhere for dinner/overnight & go, but Im not going to know either way till very close or on departure date.

    Hey ya know I will always find different, interesting & any longer route rather than take a bridge :LOL: :wink:
  13. but but but i ride a lill V Twin as well can i play tooooo :LOL:
  14. no!

  15. bob i think micky is jealous of the storms :LOL:
  16. oh pfft, Caz already offered me V10!!!!!

    and i taken it :LOL:
  17. lol duff does that mean your giving the learners ride a miss to do a real ride?
  18. qbnspeedfreak said:
    :LOL: He suited the bike too...gave it extra cool factor.

    Bluestorm - you becoming a V squad member? I'm not even going to go there! I'm too much of a softy - plus I have waaaayyyy too much trust in others...aint that right Micky? :LOL:
  19. Honarary/non initiated members could have a lower cas v instead of V

    Do i qualify for honarary membership? i'm initiated and i ride a V4
  20. Hahahaha

    You only half qualify, you ditched us Sunday morning.
    Come on the bright trip and we will complete the second half :wink: