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[V] Spada Stolen - Melbourne City

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Right when I've decided to sell it - some c#@% stole the Spada last night

    It's a red Spada - Reg Vic CC-057. Looks like every other red Spada.

    I came out from work walked over to where I park it in St Andrews Place and it was gone.

    I may actually have a chance of getting it back. I called the Security Control Room for the Treasury Precinct (I knew it pays to be nice to those guys :LOL: ) and they checked the cameras covering tat side of the Department of Justice building. They did a search for me and called me back with what they could see. At exactly 4:47 a couple of guys on a bike rolled up one hopped off and bent over the Spada for a minute or so then hopped on and rode it away.

    I don't have any more details yet but the cops eyes lit up when I told them it was on camera. The hope is that with a little bit of enhancement they'll get the number of the other bike involved.

    In the meantime I'm offering a $500 reward for the return of the bike or the conviction of the pr1cks involved.

    I doubt that it's been stolen to be ridden - they left several newer 250's and went straight to the Spada...

    What really gets me though is that I was going to leave work a little early yesterday but was slow getting out... :cry: If I had I'd have probably caught them in the act.

    I suspect that it's going for parts. If you know of a Spada that's been damaged or suddenly appears back on the road - let me know and I'll follow it up through the cops. There's a couple of distinguishing things about it that I'm not divulging here that may identify it - even if it's been parted out. :)

    The insurance lapsed a few weeks back and as I had decided to sell I didn't renew (dumb I know but it wasn't going to be ridden more than a couple of times) I 've been riding it because I'm sorting the Beemer out and doing a bit to it.

    Anyway I'm now bikeless till I get the Beemer back on the road in a couple of weeks.

  2. Gah, for city parking its:

    Xena bike lock!
    Good lock and chain!
    Sniper rifle & high ground!

    Seriously though, sorry to hear about your bike :(
  3. Thats shithouse... wish you best of luck getting results
  4. best of luck catching the pricks who stole it
  5. Thats a bugger Tony, hope you get your bike back soon and in 1 piece!!! :)
  6. Batsards!!!!!

    Everone knows not to mess with a mans Spada. I truly hope it's recovered Tony...
  7. Just talked to the security guys. They are waiting a call from the cops. They can't authorise for me to see it (I've got to go to senior management to get approval) but the cops have said I'll need to see it when they get it.

    Unfortunately the only guy there who rides is away so I can't get any real sense of what the other bike is. That in itself would be useful...

    They have said that you can almost get detail so I'm banking that a little bit of enhancement should pull up more.

    Thanks for the support people...
  8. Know that area well and the security cameras are very very good. You shouldn't have a problem dealing with the Police either given that its at Treasury Pl.

    All the best with getting it back.

  9. What a bugga! Hope the police are able to track it down.

    Let's hope they are dumb and dumber and the other bike has a real (ie. not stolen) number plate.
  10. The cops have said that knowing the exact time it was stolen means they can then look at street cameras as well to see if they can get any more info.

    I figured the cameras would be OK. My brother has done a lot of installation work recently on security cameras (including some work for DoJ) and tells me the quality is usually pretty decent. The newest ones at Immigration can give you the colour of a persons eyes at over 100 metres...

    The cops were actually really good. I reported it at Brunswick (I had to go home and get the papers because I couldn't remember the rego :oops: - well it is officially my daughter's bike, even if I have given her the money already).

  11. At least you have the pricks on camera. They are probably known to the cops, so hopefully they have a license shot of the other bike. I cant wait for affordable and compact GPS systems, so that they can be mounted on bikes. All you have to do is turn up to the pricks house and politely encourage the return of your bike.
  12. If you are able to get a copy of the pricks caught on cam you should put a copy up on the net. I think this would greatly increase your chances of getting the bike back.
  13. If the cops will let me have a copy I'll certainly be doing that. It's up on several forums at the moment...
  14. Rotten news mate, lets hope some good comes out of this.
  15. Just got more info from the security guys. The supervisor called me and said that they can't show me the film. They'll give it to the cops anand the cops will let me see it.

    They did say though that there were a few people around at the time; including two guys having a conversation next to a bike parked about about 5 metres away. So if I can find out who they were I may have some witnesses...

    I did a leaflet drop to all the bikes who park in the area asking for info and mentioning the camera footage (at the very least if these pr1cks see that they're on film it might make them sweat a bit...) so all I can do now is sit and wait...

  16. wtf they won't let you see it, what did it catch out a couple of so called important employee's getting down and dirty during there smoko break??
  17. :grin:
    privacy and security. They aren't allowed to show it to anyone but the cops.
  18. don't you mean any aca/today tonight that will pay them, and then it's more or less just left on a desk in a unlocked room, right infront of them :roll:

    oh well, hopefully the cops can put it too go use :)
  19. Spewing for you, mate. I would strangle anybody who touched my Spada-baby. :evil: :evil:

    Hoping you get it back. :mad: :mad:
  20. man thats so low
    i hate people who steals
    hope someone steals this guys kidneys and puts them on ebay...
    or somthing like that..