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V rod first ride

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by basejumper, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. I have a few mates with newish v rods and I stopped into the dealership yesterday to see what they are like. I told the salesman I was only interested in the v rod as the pushrod harley motors don't do it for me.
    Having owned a gv650 for 12 months I have done a few klms on a cruiser. I was surprised at how quiet the stock bike was. I liked the riding position and it was low and seat was really comfy. I have long legs and pegs were a bit close but that can be changed. I thought it was a bit sluggish down low ( I do ride a z1000 though) but once the revs got up there it was quick. I was quite impressed. I thought the gearing was very tall. Spent most of the time around town in 2nd. I started thinking the speedo was out as it got to 100 quick and easily.
    It was easy on the freeway and chugged along at 120kph easy. I found u needed to go back down to 3rd to get power at that speed. Being the heaviest bike I have ridden I found it very stable at high speed.
    I was quite surprised at its handling, It handled better than I thought. I tried to get my heel off the pegs to see how close the road was and how much further I could lean it before the pegs scraped. Would have liked to got down the old PAC hwy but salesman made me promise I wouldn't. (Dam u conscience)
    Overall I loved it. Obviously wouldn't keep up with my z but for a cruiser it was very fun. It didnt feel like a big heavy cruiser like I expected. I would love to take a hd street rod for a spin to compare how the extra height would effect the handling.
    For anyone who thinks that all Harley's are big slow fatties like I did I recommend u take a v rod for a spin. I think u will get off with a smile on your face.

  2. I had a good long look at the vrods a few years ago. Obviously I never went that path, but even so, they were a lovely piece of kit.

    Possibly my only reason for not going there was "feet forward" - not matter how much I tried, it's not a riding position I feel is conducive to actually "riding". Personal preference though, and I realise everyone has different wants and needs in a bike.

    I was looking at some of the "screaming eagle" vrods.
  3. Have you considered the Duke Diavel?