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V-Moto Monaco 125. Any good ???

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by martych, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Been looking at reviews etc, on these Monaco's. Thing is, I've heard the performance is 'very ordinary' without modifications. Is this true? I'm in Melbourne and as far as I can tell there's no agents down here (?). I'm all for engine mods but IF I'm going to spend a fortune on mods, then I may as well just get a better/ bigger scooter (?)

    I've owned both Italian and Jap scooters but nothing else. I like the look (and of course the price) of the Taiwanese products but have no idea about their reliability, performance, parts availability etc,.

    The parts factor is particularly important as I had an absolutely woeful experience a couple of years ago with Aprilia Australia, who seemed to think waiting 3 months for a part to arrive from Italy was "normal".

    (p.s: I'm not light at 95kg and quite tall as well. Freeway capable not neccessary.)

    Your thoughts ??

  2. I have heard a few things about these scooters. I looked at one recently and wasn't impressed with the build quality or the controls/instruments compared to other asian manufacturers such as Bowell and Bug.

    I really thing the best scoot on the market in the 125 range is between the bug, yamaha cygnus and the bowell aribba. All of those are way better built and wouldn't cost that much more. I don't think you would have any parts issues with a big dealer brand like yamaha.
  3. Vmoto Monaco

    I own a vmoto Monaco and for the value for money I can’t find any thing wrong with it. It has a top speed of about 85km/h on flat roads I have had it up to 115km/h down hill. I have had problems with it however the dash lights stopped working which was covered by warranty and took about 3 days to get the new parts in. The exhaust bolts came undone which were replaced with no problem.

    It keeps up to all the other 125's 4 strokes that I have ridden with. I was disappointed with the power but now that I have ridden with other 125's it seems about standard. I find getting performance parts impossible because they are only sold in Australia so you don’t get all the good bolt on European and Japanese performance parts that are readily available on Bolwell , Yamaha etc.

    Overall I am happy with it I just depends what you want from a scooter.
  4. marty,

    i think its simple - if there arent any agents anywhere near you, then dont get it.
  5. location of melbourne store

    Hey im also in melbs and have been looking into getting a scooter. Not sure about Vmoto... think I need to decide what I really want the scooter for and how good it needs to be v. price.

    If you're interested there IS a store here - its in ascot vale and is called scooter garage(www. scootergarage. com. au) and they sell Vmoto and Yamaha. The guy who I spoke to there was very helpful, and good to talk to as a newbie. (At some of the places I've gone to, the sales staff have been a bit rude because I'm not some harley riding expert... or maybe its beacuse I'm a girl? Don't know... but I've definately been put off several brands just because their sales team are wankers.)

    I'd have a look and a test drive. As many have said, Vmoto dont exactly had a reputation as being top of the range, but they are cheap if thats what youre after...