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V Moto - Do Not Buy

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by truthseek_qld, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Wanted to let everyone know the trouble I have had with my V Moto Monaco and more inportantly V Moto them selves.

    My Monaco is less than 3 months old, and already the speedo cluster has broken and needed to be replaced, the air filter bracket snapped and needed to be replaced, the alarm system has broken and needed to be replaced. Now I am faced with a scooter that shakes when ridden, and forget about cornering on it.... because of the shaking up and down motion, the front end of the bike seems light, making me fearful that the bike is going to up end itself (if it doesnt throw me off sideways first).
    I have taken the bike back to Team Moto, where I got it from. And the Mechanic keeps on telling me that nothing is wrong with the bike. Eventually ... after having the bike for a week, he did a wheel balance... which made the matter worse... however according to Vmoto sales manager and Team Moto Mechanic's... there is nothing wrong with my bike.
    I agreed with V Moto to get a second opinion, who found that there was no oil in the front forks of the Monaco. He spoke with V Moto General Manager and told him this. However when the GM spoke to me he made out that the second opinion was only guessing about what the problem may be. To make matters worse.... in the interests of the second opinions business and continuing relationship with Vmoto, he is not to touch my bike what so ever.

    Any advice would be great at this point in time. My only next option is to get lawyers involved. The scooter is a danger to anyone who rides it. Why on earth wouldnt Vmoto just replace it.

    By the way.... of the 3 months I have had the bike, it has been in getting repairs for 6 weeks out of the 3 months.
  2. Would advise to get the department of fair trading involved. If not, go to the media.
  3. Hi, Thanks. That is my next step. Unfortunately in QLD the Dept of Fair Trading do not deal with Motor related Legislation.
    So I have to jump directly to Legal Action.
    I am waiting to hear from a lawyer now, then I will contact the Media to get them involved.
    Unfortunately for V Moto, they have shot themselves in the foot. Due to all the problems with my scooter, and the amount of time it is off the road... nobody that I work with is going to touch the V Moto, and quite a few are looking to purchase scooters.
    Bad news spreads faster than good.
  4. That is certainly true.

    Sorry to hear you having such trouble with the scoot. I dont want to say "i told you so" but there is such a thing as you get what you pay for (says me who has a Hyosung). For sure that doesnt excuse what has happened to your scoot. I assume when you say "V-moto" you mean their head office? If not then go straight to them, their office is in Perth.

    Are you sure QLD Fair Trading dont do motor vehicle complaints? Have a look at this link to the fair trading website - http://tinyurl.com/yyxutr it certainly refers to vehicle complaints in the document.

    There are a lot of V-motos around the streets in Perth, so obviously they're not all bad.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the advice.

    Yea, I found through the RACQ Legal Advisors, that you can make a complaint to the Office of Fair Trading. Apparently the call centre staff fob all calls off to RACQ.
    So I will be getting a pure independent report from a qualified Mechanic and attaching this to the Office of Fair Trading Complaint.

    I also came across this new problem - with the new alarm system being installed, if the remote start is used (in my case accidently pressed), the bike will not cancel - (usually you have to re-start the bike and turn it off again). After trying to cancel the bike 18 times in a 2 hour span. I found that if I hoped on the bike I could start it and ride around on the bike with no keys!
    So much for safety!!
  6. The option has been given to have the bike repaired under warranty.
  7. Truth, have you told the entire story? I mean absolutely everything? You haven't left anything out? Nothing at all? not even 1 little detail?

    What you are claiming here is 100% verbatim as to what when on?
  8. Problem solved then. Congrats on getting it sorted.

    I didnt mention earlier but i have heard a couple of horror stories from V-moto owners about their scoots. However, they also said that the V-moto head office were excellent at assisting them and fixing the problems.

    Glad your on your way now.
  9. Problem Solved

    A big THANK YOU to the guys at Team Moto and the Team Moto QLD Manager.

    The problem has been rectified, and a great result for all has been achieved.

    I can't thank them enough.

    I can now look forward to getting back on the Scooter track.
  10. my previous house mate put a lot of k's on a monza and had a few little problems which the vmoto guys dealt with very promptly and professionally. this is in perth, which is the main hq/workshop.

    my mate was getting better after sales service from vmoto on a $2000 scooter than I was from scootamoto on an $8000 vespa...needless to say 45,000km later he still services his monza at vmoto and i'm looking for a new mechanic.
  11. Is this an isolated incident?
  12. shelly, there is heaven and hell stories bout all makes n models,

    anything new and " cheap" will eb torn apart a few times before they build up reliability and street cred, do a search u will find as many hate links about hyosong as u do vmoto.
    but in every link you will find many many happy riders of the same makes and models.

    as i mentione din your other thread, im happy to come down to vmoto in richmond, ( i live just round the corner) and give u a personal introduction the the owner michael. he was nohting but helpful with all my dealings with him.
  13. I have a friend who had a V-Moto (and worked for a place that sold them). Didn't have any problems except for them not bolting the exhaust back in place... which fell off while going down Johnston St in Annandale. No problems with getting it fixed (even got a loaner scoot and helmet)!

    She's now a biker :p