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Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Dazzler, May 23, 2009.

  1. I'm keen to hear from any readers who have a V-Max (pre-2009). I will be testing some soon but I value the personal perspectives of NR readers.

    Thanx Daz

  2. I don't think the V-Max is a cruiser; me, by just it's look, I'd describe it as a 'Muscle Bike' Coz, looking at it you would ask youself "do i have muscle and balls to handle/tame this beast?" - but that's just me

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  4. Torque Sport? What the fluck does that mean? The thing weighs 270-odd kg! Aint much sporty about that by today's standards. It hasn't changed much since introduction in 1985, so brake, suspension, frame etc technology is pretty outdated. About the only thing sports-bike-like is the 15L fuel tank.

    Sure it goes like stink, especially off the mark, but I reckon pushing it around corners would be tempting fate! I like the term Muscle Bike - loads of power, especially torque, designed for street rather than track - fits with the idea of muscle cars (ask anyone who knows how a Mustang handles!)

    Would I own one? Hell Yeah!!! Look at the thing! The missus says she'd leave me if I ever got a Harley, so I'll get her on a technicality with one of these! A new one would be absolutely insane - updated chassis, top shelf componants, MORE power... wow.

  5. Go a Triumph Rocket III - that's not a Harley in an even better way!
  6. Not sitting in either the cruiser or sport/naked camp, this bike is unique and to be frank, at 46 years I am not as physically comfortable on a sporty as I wish. On the other hand it's not a 'cruiser' in the true sense of the word either.

    I know it's dynamite between the lights if you ask it to, but I'm hoping that it will at least be comfortable and safe in the twisties as alot of my fun rides with mates end up in the hills.

    It would be really good to get some feedback in this regard as much as anything.

    As for the specs, yep it's old school in many respects, that being said it was in some ways ahead of its time too, but I know there was a major design change in 1993 when the fork diameters were increased and the front brakes beefed up. There were no changes after 1993 until the new 2009 model (except for colours).

    I too like the term 'Muscle Bike'

  7. 1st edition of the "Road Rider-Cruiser" magazine details the new VMax & poses the question is it a cruiser?

    Apparently its wheelbase matches that of the HD Softail or Night Train @ 1700mm & longer than the Electra Glide

    The US are selling the VMax as a Star Model which is the yank's cruiser brand to our VStar I suppose

    Anyways, I have a shiny L plate so I can only admire :grin:
  8. and goes 0-100km/h in 2.9sec ............. just a bit faster than my cruiser (about 10 seconds!!!!)
  9. and 0 - 160kmh in around 6 sec!!!!! enough to stretch you arms alright.
  10. Pussy.
  11. I don't the V-Max will be comfy in twisties; its weight alone (300Kg+) would probably give quite a work out in twisties to develop 'muscle'
  12. Haha! :LOL: Didin't say I wasn't up for it! Meet me at Reefton Hotel - you bring the VMax, I'll bring Fate. :shock:
  13. The May '09 edition of Motorcylce Cruiser (a US mag available here) does a comparison between the VMAX, HD V-Rod Muscle, Triumph Rocket, & Victory Hammer S.
    Gives the VMAX a decent rap, very very quick off the mark and one of the more nimble of the group.
    It calls it a "Muscle Bike" rather than a cruiser.

    Worth a read if you're interested in the VMAX.
  14. Know of a guy that also has a M109, and also a recent Vmax.

    He has no problems muscling it thru corners, although he bought it for drag racing primarily.

    Stock form manages mid 9 sec runs. He is in the process of adding laughing gas and much much more.

    His only gripe is the initial cost (29000)
  15. I can understand that, but there aren't too many of them around...
  16. Saw one of these at a dealership an old used one and it was in a color i dont like but i still wanted it more than a new r1 for reasons i can not explain entirely.

    Mostly because i dont fit on a new r1 and have a bad back and other injuries from a nasty car crash.

    But still wowzers, i could have never dreamed up something so bold and aggressive :shock:
  17. You haven't spoken with ICSN on the forums yet? :LOL:
  18. :LOL: i like the cut of your jibb
  19. Not much at all :roll:

    Cutting straight to the point, I’m going to answer the question on the tip of everyone’s lips. Yes. The VMAX is quicker than a Hayabusa, ZX-14, B-King, K 1200 S and everything else on the street. And yes. The VMAX is even quicker than our own GSX1620 monster built last year. Make no mistake. This is no H-D wannabe cruiser. This is a wild machine that’ll knock your boots off and strain your neck. This is the ultimate in acceleration-induced adrenaline. And stupid fun. Really stupid fun!


    OK, so this is no cornering sportsbike. Yes, it understeers off turns when pushed. Yes, it has limited ground clearance and of course it suffers from bump steer. But compare it to any other sports cruiser on the market and the VMAX handles like a sportsbike.

    The brakes are sensational. And as we head up and over the hills through Pallamar State Mountain Reserve I discover what a capable machine the VMAX is. Riding at a fast pace is possible with smooth inputs and respect for the bike’s not unsubstantial weight. The braking package is sensational and on par with any sportsbike, with only some fade after a good 35-kilometres of downhill twisties. The ‘pegs touch down smoothly and the bike is composed throughout cornering, only being upset by bumps mid-turn. Rear rebound is a little quick but the remote adjusters make life very easy.

    Source http://www.mcnews.com.au/Testing/Yamaha/2009_V-Max/Review_Page1.htm
  20. Your article is the new 2009 model :roll: about which I posted:

    Maybe open your eyes before you roll them.