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V.I.O POV now in HD, Pre Oders available NOW

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dags, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. The POV HD is avail Mid November 2010.

    The Price is pretty amazing considering the features & the only cam to record in true 1080

    The VIO POV.HD is built around the Texas Instruments DaVinci processor and utilizes a full 1920 x 1080 sensor, making the VIO POV.HD the only helmet camera that records native 1080p full HD video. Other HD helmet cams upscale information from a 1280 x 960 sensor which degrades the video quality and reduces the field of view. The VIO POV.HD not only shoots in native 1080p, it has onboard processing technology that corrects for lens distortion (fish-eye), vignetting (reduced brightness/saturation around edges) and lens softness. Couple all this with a high quality 6 element glass lens and the end result is stunning HD video in harshest of conditions.
    The VIO POV.HD has a 142 degree field of view in the 1080p mode and the option of recording in 720p HD at 60 frames per second with a 95 degree field of view. Both of these modes record 8 min/GB, giving 4.3 hours of recording on a 32GB SD card. You can also shoot in SD to extend recording times (480p/30fps/120 degree field of view, 30min/G8). Videos are saved with an easy to play and edit .mp4 file extension using H.264 compression. You can also use the VIO POV.HD to take high resolution still photos.


  2. deleted, thanks mate
  3. Thanks Goz,
  4. Hmmm...that looks an interesting bit of kit indeed.
  5. How much are these going to sell for?
  6. 795.....
  7. Or 600 in the US.

    Yeah, the Australian retailers are taking the piss.

    I can understand 33% markup on things that are already in the supply chain or in stock, but this has only been released.
  8. retailers in Australia simply can't purchase many items o's for resale & offer warranties etc.

    As consumers buying os, there's a lot of fees that are avoided that aren't imposed or controlled by retailers, just need to buy on what provides the best overall value.
    That might be anything from local warranty right through to wanting something & saving a few dollars so shopping os gets the tick sometimes too, there's choices to suit everyone.

    I've been involved with some chargers lately for other items, the ones anyone can get online with the global adaptors to charge larger capacity lithiums, the chargers don't comply to Aust Standards but they're coming in by the bucketload for about $20, if mine or your house caught fire because a 110V internal charger was the cause,the insurance company walks away, the process to get an authorised equiv licenced in Aust is about 15K........it goes on & on

    We'd love to be able to be able to match o's pricing & be able to still maintain Aust Compliances & consumer warranties,
    I'd be stoked if I could by my next bike o's & just register it here.=D>